Thursday, February 26, 2015

gopher statue exacerbate

"It takes time to learn how to be really happy." (J. S. Sargent)

Been AWOL lately chasing Mister around-  we've been having such fun watching his funny expressions and 'comments' on things- no he isn't actually talking but he is signing and the observations he's making are amazing with the way he connects ideas with objects.  Yesterday we went to the playground and he isn't quite ready for that except for the baby swings but he had a ball digging up the mulch and handing it to me one piece at a time.  
(No, I am not going to bronze it for the mantle!)  We found out he is scared of grass-  I guess the Boston winter has removed grass from his memory!  Good thing we were able to bring him back!  Today it's supposed to rain and be cloudy so the plans are up in the air so far, but I'm sure he will find something to mess around with!  But, on the other hand, we absolutely cannot show the house while he's here!  I can't keep up with the dishes, the piles of toys, the dogs with their noses out of joint from being displaced as my pals...  TY thinks it's fine to pick up the worst and go ahead to show the place but all the baby stuff, though adorable, makes it look so much smaller and dirtier and so cluttered.  (Because it IS!) I want to wait until everybody is gone and I can hose it all down.  

Found a new show to apply to that is about contemporary art in Massachusetts so I think I will haul out the encaustics and give them a shot and stretch my residence time a bit.  I Have only shown two tiny ones down here in Florida which got lots of attention but no sales (same show where my small quilt won a prize as a 'painting'!) Who am I to argue...

The house build seems to have hit a standstill while the wiring goes in. I haven't been able to spend my hours a day accumulating ideas for the different spaces this week, so maybe a whole new plan will emerge while the original plans moulder a while gathering  either strength or weakness!  We are still facing getting the Newton place on the market and have to get up there to clean it out and 'stage' it a bit.  That's going to be a huge chore.  I think I am looking at many more months of not doing any work and it's making me very cranky.

I really haven't even been able to mine the inter webs for cool stuff lately so my pile of things to post is getting slim.  Today's offerings are lacking cohesive theme except for being animal depictions but maybe that will return in the future.  Who knows.  First we go to the Netherlands-

Refurbeasts brings old fur coats back to life in a way that is both fair to the animal that gave its coat as well as to the former wearer. It’s a tribute to animals and emotional value.  Refurbeasts on Etsy  Lisa Louwers  Eindhoven, Netherlands  makes her animals to depict the kind of fur she uses-  for instance a rabbit fur coat becomes a rabbit!  Fur coats used to be the height of fashion and a symbol of wealth and luxury. These days we know better and wearing fur is not done. Hundreds of thousands of passed on coats now remain tucked away in attics and closets. But that doesn’t do the animal or former wearer any justice. That’s where the idea for Refurbeasts came from. Refurbeasts brings old fur coats back to life and turns them in to the animal it used to be.

Russian artist Igor Verniy makes these gorgeous sculptures of animals with scrap metal. Vemiy transforms car, bicycle and clock parts, tableware and any other scraps he can find into these intricate designs with a decidedly steampunk look. The animal sculptures are equipped with moving parts that simulate their species' movements in real life. 

And even less of 'real life'-  the required squirrel:
Yup, this is exactly what I feel like lately, except my couch is better looking!

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