Friday, February 27, 2015

install bequeath albacore

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” 

And today's big question-of-the-day is how tall my table is I'm going to use in the vanity.  There will be twenty more questions just like that, most that I don't give a fig about answering, but nobody wants to do anything without my OK.  Such power when all I want is a bit more room to store Christmas decorations!  And put my car in a garage.  And have a kitchen nobody is allowed in to be in my way.  And a bigger refrigerator, and another bathroom.  I've got all these things knocked now, just need some walls and fewer questions on what *I* want!

Oy.  Just got another question about how many CFUs I want in the blower in my range vent.  As if...

We have a few days off while Mister spreads his cheer around the state so I am getting the dishwasher unloaded and glass tables wiped down.  He will be back soon, so I won't do the Big Deal hose-off until he leaves but I'll tell ya, he is the most entertaining thing we've got here, and we have all the channels...

STOP THE PRESSES-  next call-  and this is noteworthy:  I had ordered a microwave to be built into the island and questioned whether the door could come down from the top rather than open like, well, like a door.  No problem he sez, until today when I got the new list of appliances I selected and the door-opens to the bottom will cost me FOUR TIMES the price of the one I had picked.  Yup, the door-opening-down feature costs $1999.  So I will suffer along with the door opening sideways.  They think I was brought in on the turnip truck.  

Tonight I was washing one towel and a few tiny clothes and the water started running all over the floor.  Don't know what's wrong, washing machine is on the fritz, can't come until next Wednesday evening.  What does one so with the soaking stuff and the wallpaper that has held a bulging supply of dirty water in a pouch? 

Things aren't going my way.

Cleaning the files out since I can't yet clean the house-  and I found a bunch of ridiculous knitted things for your amusement:

gigantic ceiling knitting

knitted pigeon and potato chip bag

hearty breakfast

UNhearty guy

leaky teacup

finger hat

tree clothes

And, the periodic table 

Which brings me to a knitted squirrel,a jaunty little guy!

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Mandi said...

Did you look at microwave drawers?