Sunday, March 01, 2015

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“Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television.” 

The beat goes on.  Mister and his Mom were here for a few days and he was so cute, but hell to keep entertained.  I have all my cupboards rubber-banded shut and that almost worked  except that they were very old and brittle and if Mister tugged more than once the bands would snap.  Now I have some rubber band confetti under each handle.  And there was NO way to keep the drawers shut.  But this is a one room house so we were on top of him continually.  He's not yet two so is amenable to everything, always ready with a smile and hasn't hit the NOOOOnonononono part yet.  
(I got my hair cut the next day)

OK, so I am grandma-ing a bit much but he is so cute...  Unfortunately we were met with a rainy day and were pretty cooped up.  The next day they left to go visit some friends, and I thought maybe it would get nice again but we had 8" of rain yesterday!  Unbelievable at this time of year.
As soon as Mister and Mom left in the morning, I took off to the Fine Craft show at the convention center-  I look forward to this every year.  Guess I raced down a bit too fast, parked and bought my ticket.  The very first booth I stopped at had some wonderful things I can use for upcoming birthdays so I bought two and one for me just because, but when I felt around for my card, I didn't have it.  SOOOO, I got my arm stamped and took my car out of the lot and headed north back home to get my money.  I cow;don't believe I did that.  Grabbed it, patted the dogs, and out I went again but the sky was simply black behind me and I knew I had a storm to outrun.  Back to the Convention Center and I started all over again , this time able to buy some stuff!  Talk about losing 2 hours and being humiliated at the same time.

The show was good, a bit heavy on glass sculptures and jewelry and art clothing, but I managed to see a few things as well as buy a few things.  And I'm glad I went back.  When I left it had been pouring the whole time I was in there so I took off my shoes and waded to the car.  Got home and our pool was overflowing just like a summer storm!  

Back to figuring out stuff for the house-  I am inundated with magazines and ads for fancy stuff!  The place is coming right along on or ahead of schedule-  I think there is a lull as we wait for inspections now, so I guess magazines are a good way to spend time.  We did stop at a furniture store last night and saw a couple of things that will work, but no where to put them yet so we have to hope they don't disappear by the time we need them.

So, let's talk about art, it's so boring listening to me whine on about this stuff, BUT because we are talking about houses, this is my theme!

The diagram of architectural outlines that was laser-cut into the book's pages, recreating the illusory volume of a cinematic space

Johan Hybschmann turns a sketchbook into a 3D scene from Alexander Sokurov’s film ‘Russian Ark‘:  
The inspiration came directly from the single shot film sequence in Sokurov’s Russian Ark, where the camera is taken through the timeless spaces of the Winter Palace, jumping decades from one room to another. The distortion of time is, of course, interesting in terms of the timelessness of the spaces but I was interested in the way that the camera never looks back. Even though the viewer never sees the full dimensions of these spaces, we are still left with a sense of coherence and wholeness. But what if the back of the room was mindblowingly different? It’s as if we constantly use the previous space to create an understanding of what should be behind us.

Over the last few months Catrina Stewart has been working with the fantastically talented team at State of Play Games, developing a 'handmade' computer game entitled Lumino City. The game features a character called Lume who goes on a journey of discovery through a city, almost entirely built out of paper and card. The city will be filled with games and puzzles, mostly to do with working out alternative ways of generating energy to power the city. The game should be released within the next four months.

 While studying graphic design in college, German artist Peter Dahmen was given the assignment of creating a 3D object out of paper. He soon realized a small problem. Regardless of what he designed, there was no safe way to transport it to class on his daily train commute. Instead of risking damage to his project, Dahmen devised a way to make his paper sculpture fold flat like a pop-up book, a fateful decision that changed the course of his life. He enjoyed the challenge so much that be became obsessed with creating more elaborate designs, eventually leading to a full-time career as a paper engineer.

Back in the old west, they would photograph dead people to show that they had died to their families back east.  This continued through Victorian times as a memorial to the departed.  here, someone has memorialized a squirrel and dressed in in burial clothes and arranged in a cotton wadding coffin.  And thanks so much, Teddy!  
Weird to the tenth.

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