Sunday, March 15, 2015

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"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. 
Imagination encircles the world." (Albert Einstein)

Buttoning things up around here:
Seems a lot of you noticed I moved my Colorwheel Page from the blog menu on over to Pinterest-  it seemed a more appropriate place to continue collecting them-  all part of my desire to neaten and tighten up all the junk I have stashed in various webs of my own making.  Meanwhile a bunch of you also seem to like color wheels and have pinned them all over the place!  Great.  Take it all!  Yea Pinterest.  I am thinking I need to let the webpage go-  I am just not all that interested in keeping it up, and am posting things I do here where it's easy peasy.  I pay a friend to keep it up but I never send anything for her to do.  Time to re-think.  

Busy day, staring with a dog walk to the new house and a trot through.  The windows are mostly in and they are starting on the pans in the showers.  Wiring done, as pipes ready to go, and they are preparing the wire screening they put all over the house to hold up the stucco.  Roof tiles are at the ready stressing the trusses in preparation.  So, here's the pictures, slightly tainted by the angels singing hallelujah in your head...
Bedroom Patio Doors (with angel voices)

Living Room (right) and Lanai (left) windows.  I love these industrial windows!

Front of the house, door will be inside that cave on the left.  TY's toy car will be in the Cart Garage on the right.  Above center is the room between the 2 guestrooms.  More fabulous industrial windows.

The front door cave

Giant windows in the stairwell.
More tomorrow-  I got a million of 'em, but for now we are on to more important stuff:.


 Eleanor Rose  Kissick graduated in 2013 from University of Ulster Belfast in Textile art, and specifies in making miniature pieces of highly detailed work. To create her delicate pieces she uses traditional techniques in a non-traditional organic way, such as crochet, embroidery, smocking, needle lace and wire sculpture. Her inspiration comes mostly from nature. I invite you to see more of the artist’s work here.

And while we're talking TINY-  here are some closer views of what is displayed in the desk:

HORRORS: You may be struck with the lightning of awareness today, but you must make the effort to follow through and do something with your brilliant idea. This arrangement seems fair, but if someone else suggests another plan, why are you still the one who has more work to do? Unfortunately, changing these inequitable dynamics appears to be beyond your reach. Although you want more control of your own life, it's wise to do what's expected of you now. You'll have a chance to put things back in balance soon enough when the spotlight is back on you.   WHERE'S MY DAMN SPOTLIGHT???
I do need one of these.

Poor little guy needs to sleep it off!  Thanks to Gerrie for finding this for me- 
 a classic MORALITY 'TAIL'!

Don't drink and hop.

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