Friday, March 20, 2015

gas ayers hemorrhage


"It often takes two to do a good painting - one to paint it, and another to rap the painter smartly with a hammer before he or she can ruin it." (Richard Schmid)

I finally got to my regular doctor for some serious doctoring to deal with my dog bite on the leg.  I thought it was a scrape but it turned out to be two punctures-  the little guy that got-me-good has very small and very sharp teeth.  So I am now on even heavier duty antibiotics, second round, and got a big jump-start shot in the ass-  something that hasn't happened to me since I was maybe ten.  But in a few hours I noticed improvement so lets hope it continues.

In other critter news, I found out that the pile of shavings, in the studio next to the refrigerator that looked like chewed up paper and appeared every morning actually belonged to somebody.  Yes, I was vacuuming around the refrigerator and somebody got mad and the next thing I knew I had thousands of huge ants swarming me.  Well, maybe hundreds...Fortunately I was armed with the vacuum cleaner hose and grabbed a bunch but it was like Waterloo in there for awhile.  They all disappeared, but I found their trail through the rubber gasket on the refrigerator door-  they apparently trek through a groove to dump their refuse on the floor.  ICK ICK ICK.  I have to find an exterminator because my research tells me these are the new 'Crazy Ants' that are responsible for eating all the Fire Ants but their bite is worse.  And yes, I did get bit- one brave soul escaped the hose end but hopped on and ran the length to then jump on my hand.  I was squealing like a girl...

I'm still showing the house it seems every day, what a chore to keep things put away and sparkly.  I was not meant for this.  Today the dogs got groomed and I got to the mall while they were in the house.  No report yet, but we really REALLY want to sell it.  The new place got the floor leveled today and the lighting strip around the living room installed.  Also they are putting up the screening all over the outside to slap up the stucco.  Everything on the ceiling will be done first, then wallboard installed throughout so they can get the floor in.  Of course I am compressing a month into a few sentences.  

On our way out for some Indian food-  one of my favorite places so it will be fun.  

I haven't been showing as much graffiti or urban art lately, but this guy Bordalo came across my desk and I love his free form painting.  He's from Portugal.

Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Shetland, Shona Skinner creates beautiful free-machine embroidery using a wide variety of textiles. She is perhaps best known for her experimentation with fabrics. Some of her methods including burning and deconstructing fabrics, as well as fusing different types of fabric together.

A Squirrel and a Half
to hang your stuff from.


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Mary Beth Frezon said...

I was squealing like a girl...

and that's a problem why exactly? I don't generally mind bugs but sometimes they creep me out because sorry, I just don't want them touching me at the moment. Glad you followed up on the wee doggie bite - puncture wounds are the worst.

I'm really enjoying living your house-building vicariously, tonight from auckland airport LOL.