Friday, March 06, 2015

extol acanthus paperwork

"With a brush you have control. The paint goes on the brush and you make the mark. 
From experience you know exactly what will happen. With the squeegee you lose control." (Gerhard Richter)

My grandson is still here and so much fun-  the poor little guy has decided tp get some molars while here so there have been some fussy times, very unusual for him but on his worst day he is right up there with the best of most kids his age.  Yesterday we visited the outdoor mall with the carousel and a 3 car train that tours the whole mall and he sure seemed to have a good time.  The carousel is cool-  there are horses of course but the middle ring is all Florida animals- a panther, a sand hill crane, a turtle, a pelican and a manatee-  he rode the alligator!  I ws riding backwards to take pictures and to car sick in about a minute and a half so the pictures were terrible:

Once I faced forward I was good to go!  File this under the 
Why Grandma Won't Do Disney category.

Internet snooping time has pretty much been non-existant lately so my cool things pool is getting shallow.  Hopefully next week I will find time to replenish and get some meaningful (???) posts out.  Today we will scrape off another layer and find a few things here:

I enjoy following Michelle Kingdom‘s work so much. She always surprises me with unique pieces. I want to spend hours staring at them. I invite you to visit Michelle’s website, Art is the Way to see so much more.

This is the work of Sean Molloy, and Iish artist whose paints his more traditional subject 
matter below the surface an then adds graphic colorful patterns right on top of it.
 Ah yes, a beautiful marriage of past and present. 

Hey Look!  Sandy was at TJMaxx again playing with the crystal squirrels!  After I took this picture I found two more but decided one picture was enough.  Darn things were too expensive, I even checked to see if one was a bit chipped so I could claim it 'damaged' but fortunately for me they were all whole.  I do NOT need a squirrel collection.  This blog is enough.

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