Monday, March 02, 2015

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Creative Endeavors today included getting out of bed and not listening to a radio or tv all day.  Instead I attempted some paper work, long overdo, and some research, even longer overdo.  As part of the reward for getting that stuff done and the refrigerator pared down a bit, I spent some time on Craigs List.  I gotta say the picking were very slim in they part of the country but I did find a WTF-of-the-Day with these horseheads that come in a set of 6.  I suppose you could line them all up on the wall like you shot them but they are, drumroll, get this-  TABLE LEGS.  No table included.  I'm not sure if they rest on their nose and ears or that part goes under the tabletop.  Search them out of you must-  they are under South Florida if you do.

The other high point (?) of the day was that I saw a snake on the dog walk this morning.  he was sort of meandering along in the cement gutter of the road, and I didn't have my phone to take his picture.  Around here there are highly poisonous Coral snakes as well and King snakes that mimic their colorations to be scary.  So,  top is a King snake, slithery bottom picture is a Coral snake.  The one I saw had very equal black and red sections  each separated by yellow bands.  He was maybe 30" long.  There are a bunch of variations of a rhyme that tells you which are Coral and which are King snakes, and basically if the yellow touches a red segment, it's a Coral.  I KNOW I saw a Coral Snake.  I do have to say he was quite beautiful, but still I am keeping the little tyke tied to my leg when he comes back

 Got back to the courtyard and there was the most adorable baby turtle, just like the salmonella carriers we used to get at Woolworths!  Maybe a bit smaller.  I wish Mister was still here (he'll be back tomorrow) to have his first 'pet'.  I went out to give him a temp home for a couple of days and he had toddled off into the bushes.  Another missed opportunity.

And that is all for the wildlife report.

I was wrong.  We went to the dog park tonight and I was breaking up a fracas at my feet, about five small white doggies with mine in the middle so nature said I had to grab her.  nature played a trick me, have a big puncture wound only right hand and a large long toothmark on my calf.  Both are swathed in hideous pink bandages and I had to get a tetanus and a course of antibiotics.  I also had to fill out a county form for dogfights but didn't name the culprits because whoever got me is the doggie of a friend and I know they are all up to date on shots.  But these bandages suck.  I don't like pink.  And it hurts!

Here we have Gareth Pugh's spiring 2015 line of Pattern and Print where he  staged “an immersive presentation,” an alternative to a conventional fashion show, built around three videos. Megalith was designed as a digital representation of a Stonehenge-like ceremonial place. Chaos was just that—a whirlwind blitz of Pugh’s Spring collection, clothes that would otherwise be kind of solemn and stately on the runway turned into a hurricane of action. Ascension speaks for itself: It is four seconds of actual action slowed down to a majestic four and a half minutes. 

I'm sure you'll understand if I sign off now, typing is difficult left handed.  I'll be better in the morning and will start anew then.  I won't be able to go to my stitch group.  Rats.

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Mandi said...

i have a sort of tip on dog fights. I was told to spray the dogs...well a fight never happens next to a hose! I have 3 giant beast dogs and when they get crazy and out of control I have found that grabbing one by the tail and dragging it away from the fight will not only distract that dog but the fight seems to lose momentum. Far safer to my hands because I know they snap at anything in front of them when they're really fighting.