Monday, April 27, 2015

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"To enjoy freedom we have to control ourselves." (Virginia Woolf)

The next person I go out to dinner with is gonna wear Pepper's blow-up cone, I can deflate it and keep it in my purse until needed.  Anybody know who I'm talking about?  

I must have had seventeen calls today dealing with tiling, grout colors, shelf locations, and paint colors.  Ay yi yi...  and tomorrow I have to meet a Guy at 8:30 to take care of these things.  Meanwhile, back at my roof-  I *think* it's all done but can't see much of it from the street, and there aren't any roofing trucks there today.  This weekend was hard.  I loved having my niece here and she certainly could take care of herself and didn't need constant handholding, but we got a last minute call that they wanted to show the house with one hour to get things back in shape.  I haven't even unpacked from the trip north yet.  I had jammed everything loose into the oven and hoped they wouldn't open it.  

This morning I had a doc appointment that I've been worried about (I googled a bit too much and got really scared) but all seems to be OK so far, a few more tests to be sure but my anxiety over it has somewhat lifted..  And this afternoon I drove Izzy to the airport, started the washer and dryer and immersed myself in getting things back to normal-  suitcases put away, trash trashed, you know the drill.  I didn't get to any food shopping, saving that for tomorrow because I am low on everything.  Another day without the studio, but I made such a mess yesterday trying to hurry things up that I am scared to go back without a keeper.

To make things worser and worser some of my so-called-friends are sending me pictures of some fabulous (I mean spec-tacle-u-lar!) hexagon quilts.  They are trying to tempt me into going to the Dark Side doing hand paper piecing by claiming it is good to watch television to.  Har de har har.  

It will be a cold day in Florida when I start paper piecing.
And did I mention that yesterday topped all records and hit 96?
That means NOOOO paper piecing.

However, I am not above posting about another kind of paper-  cardboard!

Stockholm-based illustrator, printmaker, and artist Nina Lindgren was been working with cardboard to build a series of stacked geometric cityscapes that look like small architectural islands. The works are assembled like puzzles from carefully cut cardboard panels with internal lights for some of the houses. Her most recent piece, “Floating City” was recently on view at ArtRebels Gallery

If you ask Melbourne-based artist Daniel Agdag what he does, he’ll tell you that he makes things out of cardboard. However this statement hardly captures the absurd complexity and detail of his boxboard and PVA glue sculptures that push the limits of the medium. Agdag is an award-winning creator of stop-motion films and this new series of work, Sets for a Film I’ll Never Make, feature a number of his structural experiments which he refers to simply as “sketching with cardboard”. Miraculously, each work is created without detailed plans or drawings and are almost wholly improvised as he works. 

Cool beans, eh?  Okey dokey, time for the subtle squirrel cup, and I"m out of here to go find something to take to my stitch group tomorrow to work on.  It just may be hemming some pants.  (sigh)  What a waste, after all these years I've been refusing to sew on my family buttons...

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