Tuesday, April 28, 2015

rack cranston yearn

 "Go not to the object; let the object come to you," (Henry David Thoreau) 

Hmmm, good quote-  works for dogs,  people, and situations!  Thanks, HD!

Unfortunately I am the one who has to do the going on this project

I got over to the house at 8:30 to pick the grout colors-  yeah, off-white, black, and 'offer'-white, so exciting.  Somebody had been in and found all the dings and dents in the walls and fixed them up.  Then I actually got to my Stitch group.  I'm woking on a knitting project I have lost all enthusiasm for, am thinking of unraveling it and starting on something to donate.  We're down to 5 people today, but it will get even lower when the folks head back up north by May. Buh Bye.

When I got home I found an email that I had two quilt accepted into the 2x20 show that opened in the Netherlands in the fall.  That's three shows accepted this spring so I'm batting 1000!  I might have to start keeping those spreadsheets again at this rate.  Anyway, I m very pleased to be included and hope soon to find out which two of the series of five I actually entered...  (yeah, I do need my spreadsheets, don't I?) 

Hey kids, we have a theme today-  On having a hobby, on having a passion, on having a career, on retiring, on having an expanded passion with many 'hobbies'.  And I found a video that just about follows the trajectory---

I'm seeing my life pass before me...

We've got some more cardboard art  today, first a bunch of different portraits:

These were all found on a portrait site and were'd attributed.  I am just showing them as different ways that cardboard can be used in a way you might not think of

German art director and designer Bartek Elsner creates all kinds of clever sculptures using only humble cardboard. The pieces range from public street art, to large scale sculptures of trees, birds and even a gigantic internet device. You can see much more on his Paper Stuff blog.  I promise no more cardboard tomorrow.

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