Friday, May 01, 2015

giant humboldt lotion

The end of art is peace.    Seamus Heaney 

I get it-  you are sick of my whining.  OK, I'm turning over a new leaf as of now.  First off I'm gonna change around my format-  I'm tired of it and we all need a change.  From now on I'll try to contain the whining parts to the end and use my beloved squirrels as the opening!  So, without any more explanations, here we go!  I'd love feedback if you hate it-  or if you find it easier to plow through!

This poor little opening-squirrel seems to be missing some of his tail.

Not for the peanut adverse-  do not eat the peanuts!

And now I will swing right into the art I want to share:
Meet Annie Collinge- Society has long had a fascination with dolls and the creepy connotations that come along with them, with such horror films as Child’s Play confirming our worst nightmares. Photographer Annie Collinge is no exception. Her own uncomfortable feeling associated with dolls has created a bizarre fascination inspiring her series 5 Inches From Limbo, which includes photographs of dolls with their human counterparts. Collinge find vintage, strange looking dolls in thrift shops and flea markets, and finds a person in the flesh that resembles the doll. She even dresses her humans to mirror their doll, creating a surreal vision of a person alongside their miniature, porcelain self. Eerie as it may sound, her photographs are relentlessly intriguing while still holding an odd beauty.

Amazing, eh?

Next we have Russian artist Marina Bychova and her tattooed or henna dolls.  Note the plumbing fixture 'tattoos on the pregnant  doll!  

And Beth Robinson, who makes her dolls out of bones, these are turkey remnants-

And all these little people need a farm to run so here is an unknown artist from Michigan who replicated his farm on his mailbox!  

Now the whining part-  Oops, I have nothing to whine about!  The two upstairs bathrooms are all tiled and ready for grout, the master bath has the floor prepped and they might be starting that today.  I go to the house on my daily rounds and walk through it and love the space.  All is well.
We went out to dinner last night to a great fancy old-fashioned restaurant with good friends, then tonight we are meeting other good friends at a different place.  We got the preliminary photos for the condo sale and that's ready to put on the market and off my platter for now.  If it goes quickly we have our eye on a smaller place that we both like for our short trips up there.  The house we are in isn't attracting too much attention now that it's not Florida time for the rest of the world.  This is good because if it sells tomorrow we have no place to go anyway.  So, everything is in flux right now and today I am not frustrated over it all like I was yesterday.  I'm trying to only worry about one thing at a time, like getting that lazy dog to join in.

It IS my circus, they ARE my monkeys!


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