Saturday, May 02, 2015

decaffeinate storyboard carload

 "The greatest enemy of art is the absence of limitation." (Orson Welles) 

Jeremy Floto and Cassandra Warner of New York-based photography studio Floto+Warner have created a fascinating series of photographs of colored liquids thrown into open landscapes. Titled “Colourant,” the series emerges out of the artists’ ongoing interest in vast environments, as well as the relationships between place, figure, and form. The images feature colored, environmentally-friendly water mixtures floating in the air like alien clouds or frozen waves. There is a palpable tension between motion and stillness, created by the clash between the rapid event and the peaceful backdrop of the Nevada desert. Incredibly, no Photoshop was used in the creation of this series. 

I found these fun bags on a sales site the other day, fell in love with their Big Wheel clasps and LA vibe.  The one I would buy (ahem) is the palm front with the parakeet clasp IF they were $1000 closer to my price range!  

I wonder how I can get workman's comp for this 'on the job' accident!  The terrors of studio work!
As I was sweeping up a very small crop of dead ants (I think that problem is licked), the vacuum cleaner cord got wrapped around the giant fire extinguisher and flopped over on my foot.  Thanksgod I had a recent pedicure and isn't it cool the way the toe color matches the polish?  Actually the red spots in the picture are black on my skin, another damn slow-healing THING on my appendage.  And a lot of hopping up and down squealing where nobody heard.

How am I doing so far not whining?  I know it's better because I spent the day at the studio yesterday working out which quilts I had submitted and got accepted so I can enter another (local) show with the rest of the series.  So I have the two pieces that are going to the Netherlands all ready to add new labels because there is some crossing out and (YAHOO) my change of address involved.  The great thing is that our good friends here come from the town in the Netherlands where the show is opening and it's their favorite place to return to for it's beauty.  Chances of me going over for the show are, shall we say, SLIM, because of all the real estate crap going on here.

So, in going over shows that are coming up I found another one that I have the perfect piece for BUT the entry closed the day before.  Missed opportunity by a scatter brain!  Oh well, but as I learned from my Dutch friends, "When a door closes, another one will open.  But why don't you just go open the one that closed?"  I love pragmatic folks!  Too funny.

On my afternoon visit to the construction site I walked in (easy because there aren't any doors!) and saw a small dog crossing the hall at the other end of the house.  I called out and two dogs peeked around the corner-  they were accompanied by two women who were curious as to what was going on.  Since I do this all the time it was fine-  just glad I called out before they started loudly finding things wrong!  No grouting was done in the bathrooms but all the tile was up except for a tiny piece in one shower.  These tile guys are sure taking their sweet time, and nothing can proceed until they are out.

Meanwhile, we got the photographer who took our Newton condo pictures to FIX them-  seems he has a penchant for ceilings and every picture focussed on that!  The colors were way off, bleached out and overexposed, not to mention making the place look like a #$$%^&* bowling alley with his wide angle lens!.  But they are better now, cropped and color corrected and will go up on MLS today.  We hope this doesn't drag out all summer-  we would like to have some of this crap finished and off our shoulders.  I am going to go looking for a St. Joe to bury here in FL, hard for an atheist to swallow but I'll try anything at this point.  I have just the place for him in the courtyard under the spiky aloe monster plant-  he will do anything to get himself extricated from that!  I think.  But what do I know?  With two places on the market I can move him interstate when he does his job here!

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Janet W said...

This atheist tried St. Anthony when our house in Northern California was on the market for two years. Sorry, the thing that worked was a serious price drop. Hope he works better for you.