Monday, May 04, 2015

entirety mat bhutan

"There is no art without contemplation," (Robert Henri) 

Sent to me by LeeAnna over at Not Afraid of Color

Today we're going off on three artists who specialize in books, or at the very least, amazing paper constructions.  Meet these very accomplished artists and note how different and imaginative their work is.

Containing over 100,000 elements meticulously made from paper and interspersed with labels and tags expressing offbeat thoughts and memories. Amongst the chaos sit tiny bottles of real whiskey, rum and other spirits, some full, some half finished.
It is an abstract state of mind, re-imagined into a library. The stark white mass of paraphernalia ignites curiosity to explore and journey through to see what can be found. LoveJordan Art  - The Unconscious Library

Su Blackwell’s wonderful paper art takes you inside the realm of fairytales and stories, creating magical scenes. Using storytelling as inspiration, the artist arranges her paper art scenes on the pages of books. Her pieces are tactile and intricate, with many complex designs coming together to build each story. The scenes are also brought to life with light, having a glow behind the windows of houses and the flash of a lighthouse, making them appear even more magical.

And finally, Valeska Soares Abridged Anne of Green Gables artists' book:

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