Wednesday, July 22, 2015

decompress eightfold planet

Here's that collage I told you about-  paste papers I made long ago, some marbleized papers I did, others I purchased.  Something about a Falls, I think, maybe Niagara?  It's summer, and every summer we had to go to the Falls when people would come to visit.  I didn't go on the Maid of the Mist until I was well into adulthood-  it must have been too expensive to rent the raincoat.  I think this needs a barrel with a kid in it!

Oh boy, I am BEAT from all this moving and packing-  been at it all day all by myself again.  TY is napping, er, I mean 'supervising' from his recliner.  I cleaned out the whole desk, disconnected the printer and scanner and threw away about forty cords I haven't needed in years.  I dusted and wiped out cabinets, I packed things in boxes and put them in the designated rooms for pick-up. I fetched new boxes and made a pass at the storeroom to see what needs to be done in there-  basically my grandmother's china need a home, and my mother's 'crystal'-  Fostoria that she bought one at a time with coupons in soap boxes.  Last time I bought her a replacement for one broken, it cost me $40 and that was years ago.  I think its all going to the Veterans. I don't have time to eBay it, can't have strange people coming to the condo like I did when we sold the house, so I am biting the bullet and letting somebody else's collection fly away to a new place.  While I was doing all this TY slept in, I made him breakfast and he read the newspaper all morning.  Then he got dressed and went out to lunch with his accountant and broker.  Three hours later he came home.  Ya know, I SHOULD be mad but frankly when he's out of the way he's out of my mind and I lose being mad because I am getting things taken care of.  Tonight when he wakes up from his afternoon 2 hour nap, we are going out to dinner, and for that I'm grateful.  And rarin' to head out to a martini.  All dressed up in my plastic necklace and washed face, ready at a moment's notice.  

I think maybe I should go hold a mirror under his nose.

How in hell did I ever get so much STUFF?  Fortunately, my next move will be when I am too far gone to give a shit what happens to anything.  I figure maybe 10 years and someone will take my car away and put me in assisted living in Wyoming or Oklahoma or Idaho.  They will cut the tags out of my clothes and I won't remember where home might be.  Sounds pretty good to me rightness, as long as they don't take away my scissors.

Looking for eye catching bike helmets might soon be a thing of the past if digital designer Jyo John Mulloor has anything to do with it. He has been experimenting with different ways to capture people’s attention on the roads, and has designed a set of four surreal looking helmets. While they are not yet available to purchase, or even more than digital prototypes, they are still an amusing idea, and a lighthearted approach to the serious issue of road safety.

Jon Almeda creates miniature glazed ceramics which could easily be misunderstood for a pretend tea set play party, the average size of a piece being 1” scale. He designs cups, pots, tea kettles and bowls that perfectly resemble normal sized items. All the details are there: furrows, textures, handles and lids. In order to attain this meticulousness, he had to come up with the instrument that would allow him to get thorough so he built his very own pottery wheel, which is called “curio wheel”. Despite their fragile appearance, the small ceramics are nonetheless solid and able to resist the high temperature of glaze fusing.

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