Tuesday, July 21, 2015

feat douce minerva

 “The only truth is music.” 

- Jack Kerouac

Well, I made it. The condo looked pretty good when we got in last night, but I didn't dig around much because I was pretty exhausted from being up since 4 AM, thank yew doggies.  Anyway we stopped for dinner at a favorite bistro and had a lovely time.  I was in bed by 9 and out cold.  This morning I went charging through kitchen drawers for awhile, loading the living room with crap going to the new as-yet-to-be-found condo and the dining room with old shit for the new Florida house.  My feeling is that at least in Florida there are consignment shops on every corner so I can get rid of things that don't work there.  

So we then went out to breakfast to the local diner 'where everybody knows your name', followed by a trip to Whole Foods where a can of soda jumped out of it's plastic six-pack band and exploded all over my lower half.  I was so sticky all day that I was working in my underwear until I could get into the shower.  So now I have a load of laundry on the to-do list.  SO MUCH STUFF, SO LITTLE SPACE FOR IT ALL.  And truthfully, I still have junk Couldn't part with stashed away from that big ole Wellesley Victorian we vacated 16 years ago this month.  Seems like yesterday.  But pack we gotta do, so tomorrow Ty will be in it with me so I expect some arguments on the importance of HIS stuff vs, the importance of MY stuff.  I really want this job over and done with before the movers show up Monday.  I know, whine whine whine.  

So I'll give you something better to look at before I go tackle the hidden recesses of the desk.  What in hell does one do with an Epson 2200 that I loved for years but hasn't been used at all so is probably i bad need of a professional cleaning?  I can't do Craig'sList in the condo unless I meet people in a parking lot somewhere.  I'm too old and cranky for that in 95 degree weather so it won't happen.  So? I got sidetracked from showing you the Art du Jour!  Now I will:

In a digital age, some say traditional methods are dead. However, there has been an upsurge in popularity of using old-school techniques to create new things. Fashion designer Greg Climer combines two such mediums, knitting and film, to do just that. He has transformed knitting into a way of displays film stills. By using technology to transfer frames of a film onto knit fabric, he creates a knit scarf that is used the same as a film reel that you can actually watch as a short film. What is so amazing about this project is that Climer is taking film, shifting its properties to knit fabric, and then converting it into film once more. He is ingeniously using modern technology to manipulate different, traditional mediums to create an entirely unique and contemporary finished piece.

Greg Climer’s ambitions do not stop at his unbelievably intricate knitted short film project, but extend to creating quilts from scraps of fabric. These quilts range in a wide variety of interesting subjects; one series depicting loved ones of Climer, and another displaying stills of pornography. (via Fastco Design)

I didn't show you the pornography, but these are sure wonderful, don't you think?  

 First grade school teacher Russell Powell takes a favorite children’s past time and has turned it into something awesome. Using ordinary acrylic paints, he builds up realistic portraits of celebrities, musicians or cultural icons on his palms, then while the paint is still wet, he stamps them onto paper. He calls the process ‘hand stamping’ and has no doubt developed his skill over the 14 years he has been teaching kids to explore their own creativity.

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