Wednesday, July 15, 2015

diopter pickford whelan

I learn to make my mind as large as the universe is large, 
so that there is room for paradoxes. -- Maxine Hong Kingston

Thanks to an online pal, here we have a squirrel eating a snake!  Tastes like chicken I bet.

Well, it's Garage Door day here, talk about high excitement.  But my choices are pretty limited with the hurricane restrictions, which change every other day it seems.  Best bet to cover bases is to go with the Miami Dade restrictions, much more severe than two counties away so we will be covered more thoroughly. BUT it means we are basically stuck with a fake wood grain stamped metal door without windows.  If we want anything else, they can paint it for us.  And we have lovely choices of color, all five of them, with three being shades of off- white.  Next time I build (ha) I will head for the mountains, off road, and put in any---or no---garage doors I damn well pick, and that will be one of translucent glass so it will glow at night when the interior light is on.  They could probably do that here but the hurricane glass required by code is so heavy that there isn't  a garage door opener that can handle it.  

I stopped into the studio to drop off some things  met some friends for lunch, and then spent the rest of the afternoon out scouting stuff, not much luck.  And I got home just in time to cuddle scared dogs from the thunder.  It's been so hot for days now, unseasonable even here so some rain is welcome.  Besides I now have my bubble umbrella and rubber shoes ready to go!

Im hungry, so guess what that means-  Food Porn!
Today's pick are some weird and mutant vegetables-

love this one, vegetable fractals!

a friendly eggplant open to hug

rainbow cauliflowers

And the carrot who invaded Cincinnati!

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