Friday, July 17, 2015

disco gratis broaden

A stupid ground squirrel, not my kind of fun!  I like tree squirrels better, however, I kinda appreciate this neutral greyed pallet and the little guys belly polka dots.  Doesn't take much.  sigh.

I finished my little 10" square to contribute to a member of my Pod who recently  lost her husband.  I can't imagine how a quilt will help her recover from this but whatever floats that boat. maybe a quilt will be exactly what I need when the time comes, I dunno.  But I fulfilled my promise and got my little contribution out there like the team player I sometimes pretend to be.

I also finished the second section of three of the Big Slasher-  the next part will be fast, I am hoping tomorrow to get at it so the whole thing will b ready to layer and quilt when I get back.  That part will be Not Fast, but the machine is behaving so well that I may be surprised-  I adore my new foot which seems to have solved so may problems, wish I would have gotten it years ago.  
I spent two hours 'coloring in' the rusted Tree of Life piece and it went off without a hitch, like I really knew what I was doing!  I mostly worked on sections of the trunk and major branches, saving the fiddly work for when I get better at this process.  My plan is to hang this piece next to the steel piece I took the rust print from.  It wasn't a very good impression so don't know how they might work together but that is my original thought when I started it.  I'm anxious to get to some of the leaves and flowers soon to see more color.  I even have fruits and 2 birds so it will be fun if nothing else.  I really should be showing pictures along the route since it won't go anywhere-  will take some tomorrow so you know what I'm talking about.
Got my Two X Twenty quilts FedEx'd out today, Yeaaa, not due until August 1 but I am leaving and won't return in time to mail it and get it there except for today.  Then I made a couple of stops for errands and zip, the day was gone, so I headed home and got inside just in time to watch a deluge that overflowed the little pool-  yeah, the same pool the pool guy yesterday told me to leave the hose in for a few hours to fill it a bit.  Then we played in-and-out doggies when the rain was coming down sideways-  they would get out there, drenched in two seconds, and turn around miserable trying to get back in without peeing.  Over and over.  I gotta go, no, I don't gotta go, mom-  let's go IN!  NOW!
And for this they want cookies.

With razor-like precision sculptor Willy Verginer creates figures from a single tree trunk. He carves delicately made pieces which speak and brings to light important issues affecting living things. His latest delves deep into the environmental concerns of crude oil. Instead of overly stating the obvious Verginer makes subtle references to its affect. He places his latest figures including animals and people atop barrels of crude oil. Since oil is liquid the artist purposefully depicts the figures beginning to become stained or contaminated by the substance.

Good question.  Today I also returned 2 rug samples and checked a third in natural light, stopped into the house to see a painted crown molding and nothing else noteworthy, then started looking for poop bags for the dogs until I finally gave up and headed to Petco.  Lordy I am so tired of errands and useless poking around!  What am I busy about, indeed.  

I cannot wait to get back to normal life and actually spend nice stretches of time in the studio again.

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