Saturday, July 18, 2015

society thine corrosion

 I bet ground squirrels do the same

I haven't shared much lately on the astrological front, but when I checked today, this is what I found!
You can feel a disturbance in the Force today as magnetic Venus and the Moon exit your sign for the more emotionally reserved fields of Virgo. But even you fun-loving Lions need to take a break from the action now and then to catch your breath. This temporary lull is a blessing in disguise, since it offers you a rare chance to recharge your batteries and to prepare for the next round of engagement. If you can escape your obligations, it's a perfect day for a catnap in the Sun.
Since it will be in the 90's again today I won't spend much time in the sun BUT napping in AC I'm sure will work just fine to fulfill my destiny.  I might have to read the magazine I bought for the plane!  But all of that will take place after I go try and finish up the Big Slasher piecing, walk the dogs yet again, and start another load of laundry.  My refrigerator is running on empty- two eggs left and a tub of cottage cheese is all.  And some gunk in the bottom of the vegetable drawer my guilt will make me deal with.
UPDATE, nope, I didn't get to the Big Slasher.  Instead I covered a bunch of cards with pattern paper, then worked on a collage of marbleized papers and paste papers I made.  Something about a waterfall I think.
Here it is, the top third still pinned to the wall. Will it EVER jump off and finish itself?  The other two sections are pressed and ready to layer.  But somehow this one is too much to contemplate.  No, I didn't get to it.  I was busy ordering a fire pit and rearranging piles and the next thing I knew it was 4 PM, doggie dinner time.  ugh.

But so much for mundane chores-let's see some ART you say?  OK then...

Pablo Reinoso recreates a basic park bench into a swirling chaotic knot of line and form, giving a new dimension to a common piece of furniture.  By sculpting organic spaghetti shaped wood branches his ultimate goal is to modify the perception we have on simple objects. Those animated random pieces of furniture are meant to create a state of visual suprise, the materials (wood, marble, steel) are becoming living beings; new species of their own.

Katharine Morling is a ceramicist who sculpts everyday objects with a creative, cross-media twist: once the clay dries (a process which can take up to several months), she draws on the pieces using an underglaze pen, turning them into three-dimensional, life-sized “drawings.” Among her works are tape measures, sewing machines, and matchboxes — seemingly ordinary items that, when sketched upon, take on a cartoonish, character-filled, and somewhat surreal appearance.

New House Story to Date-
Today I snapped a picture of the end half of the studio:
Funny how I was watching a Hoarders show the other night and the woman had rat pee 6" up all her furniture.  I think I have subconsciously been taking tips from her.  This is now shoulder high towards the back but I took this from the waist high part.  I have NO clue how I'm gonna get it out of there- or how many dead bodies are under it all!
Dining room bottom is painted, all the woodwork and moldings and doors are so nice and shiny.  The top half will also be black, but flat.  And the silver tube will be removed, temporary AC to acclimate the floor
Master bath vanity, the back half has upper cupboards too, and there will be a sink and a faucet, and drawers...  Yahoo!  All floors are covered to protect them-  this is big slabs of stone.
New stairs, now completely wrapped and packed in heavy paper

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