Wednesday, August 26, 2015

mouthful weiss traitor

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have"  Maya Angelou

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Banksy’s Dismaland, where he has assembled more then 50 artists to contribute to the dystopian version. Hang in there to catch the magic castle!

Michelle Kingdom uses thread like paint in her highly expressive embroidery of peculiar situations. Her dense embroidery builds up layers of colors and textures, using each stitch to create intricate compositions. Although small in scale, each composition seems to hold endless mystery as it illustrates captivating narratives that are somewhat dreamlike in nature. The artist embraces the use of the thread as a line, as she often connecting the figures included her in work. It is amazing how Michelle Kingdom uses a simple thread to create shadow and depth in her incredibly detailed artwork.

This is supposed to be a Life Hack, but (heh heh) WE know it’s nothing but crocheting! So folks, keep your cables neat by crocheting them, you don’t need no stinking’ video. You’re experts!
How to tie your leads and cables. Keep leads neat and tidy with this simple cable chain. Perfect way to organize leads that are too long, or for storing cables. Stop them getting knotted and tangled together. Ideal for behind your TV or USB computer leads.  Or use duct tape.

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