Friday, August 21, 2015

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“Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.” (Napoleon Bonaparte)

It's that time of year when I stick my head into the sand and hope for a quick trip to tomorrow.  This year I am giving myself a gift of a changed birth year.  Not only will I be younger but I will thwart all the identity thieves with my new information.  And while I'm at it I might just change my name.  One time UPS brought me a package addressed to 'Sanora'-  they had mistaken the 'D' for an 'O' and I though it ever so much more sophisticated than Sandy, though 'Sandy' will be an even a more perfect nickname!  HORRORS, I am being tested!
You are being tested today, and how you respond to the current emotional pressure has direct consequences in the future. However, complicated relationship dynamics or demanding work schedules are merely temporary detours. Be careful, if you're moving too fast, an unexpected speed bump might cause serious damage. Luckily, most trouble can be averted if you see the obstacles in advance. Take your cues from the ongoing feedback that reality offers and plan your course accordingly. Observing the rules of the road increases your chances for success.
This morning TY woke me at 6 and said we are gonna walk the dogs down to the new house before it gets too hot.  Then, he says, we can take them out for breakfast.  (Several diners around here have dog spaces outside but since it's 90 at 8 AM I wasn't in a hurry to have a dog on a leash as I eat my egg.)  This threw me because nothing I like better in the morning than a quiet cup of coffee and a little catching up on internet news. I also knew that I had to get the bed linens in the wash and get to Publix to buy the special cleaning preparations my cleaning team calls for, then I had to get back to the house to meet the people who are putting in the counters to tell them where I want the faucets.  And wash my hair and take a shower because we're going out tonight. 

Yup, my dentist remembered.
The cleaning woman left me a note too:  
MOP HEAD in machine.
Happy Birthday, K.
My HOA remembered with a lovely card of themselves.  I can't imagine who has to address and keep track of all the cards they must send out-  I think I need to take it up at the next meeting to give me a credit for what they spend and cease and desist sending stuff.
I get a free car wash today, 
AND 15% off an order of guacamole at Rocco's Tacos OR if I bring 3 other people for dinner, it's free with a pitcher of Sangria.
I am 'invited' to come buy some birthday shoes at the Shoe Spa,
and we got 10% off out breakfast at Susie Q's diner for breakfast.
Sephora has some deal waiting for me all month too.

I got to the house a second time this morning to tell the Guy where to put the button for the disposal, then (TA-DAH) to the studio where I wrestled with the Big Slasher for a couple of hours.  Putting it together sure made my mistakes apparent-  I am trying to rip sections out and re-sew as I hit the bumps and lumps.  The top section sewed on to the middle section without a hitch, but the #@$%^&* bottom section was full of blocks too bit and blocks too small.  It weighs a ton and I don't even have the back on it yet.  So stupid...I *thought my invincible self could handle it.  Self took a vacation and left me high and dry.

SO, lets gaze at some art!

The morbid sculptures of Caitlin T. McCormack would fit right in at your next Halloween party. She creates beautifully intricate skeletons of fictional creatures – rodents, seahorses, insects and animals. Not only do they look fragile, macabre, antique, precious and ghoulish, but you would probably be surprised to learn what they are made from. The artist actually discovered that covering crocheted cotton string in PVA glue stiffens the material, producing a bone-like effect.

What appears to be part of a spring wedding bouquet is actually a nest for a rare species of solitary bee, a new study says.
Called a "flower sandwich," the three-tiered arrangement consists of a thin layer of petals on the outside, then a layer of mud, and finally another layer of petals lining the inside of the chamber, according to study leader Jerome Rozen, a curator of invertebrate zoology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.
At the core of the sandwich is the bee's larva, which feasts on nectar and pollen deposited inside the chamber by its parent before the egg is laid and the nest is sealed. (Related: "Bees Like It Hot: Pollinators Prefer Warm Flowers, Study Reveals.")
The colorful nesting behavior of the Osmia avosetta bees was discovered on the same day by teams in Turkey and Iran, where the insects are mostly found. 

Unless of course the holiday is a  birthday.
Happy Holidays, everybody!  Thanks for the cards and emails!
(and car washes and dental attentions)

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