Monday, August 24, 2015

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“Good merchandise, even hidden, soon finds buyers.” (Plautus)

I managed to extend my 'birthday week' a few more days, basically because we had dinner plans both nights.  No, nobody knew it was my birthday and no waiters came out of the kitchens to sing over a cupcake.  But both nights that happened to other people in the restaurants, even two celebrations going on the second night.  
TY had managed to find two small lamps I really liked online but they were sold out so I put them in the fergittit file in my head.  Then, the next day he found them again or they were back in stock or somebody changed their mind and I got them!  This is cool because it means I won't be using my broken consignment shop lamps from 1965 Palm Beach royalty.  
The other good thing that happened is that I have yet another room to decorate-  there is a tiny storage room under the stairs and I am making it a playhouse for the kids.  I spent a good chunk of yesterday looking for beanbag chairs that would fit, but most are way too big.  Then I thought it needed a sheepskin rug but know that my animal-centric granddaughter wouldn't enter if there was an animal remnant in there, so started looking for fake flotkili and gave up on that too.  Shiny acrylic.  I did find a spectacular 'monster' pelt on Kickstarter but it never made it and the things were selling at around $400 so decided to make my own.
The felt and thick backing alone probably will cost that.
Like I've got nothing else to do.
THEN I remembered a shag type wool rug that I can't use in the new place, it was cheap to begin with and is deep enough to be comfortable so I am racing over to the house to get the measurements of the hidden room to cut the piece to fit.
THEN I remembered I have several 24" pillows I had made covers for from my Buick Printing experiments!  And miracles do exist-  I found them!  So, I am all set for the kid's space, will add a few things to the wall, might even paint some jungle if I can bend myself into the room without getting leg cramps (!).  Wish I could find a remnant of that iconic palm leaf wallpaper.

Art time:

Would love to do this with my current boring dining room chairs.  Stay tuned

Proving that snow globes aren’t just kitschy souvenirs, artist duo Walter Martin and Paloma Muñoz create mini worlds covered by glass domes that are dark, gloomy, and slightly sinister. The scenarios they build are usually set in a stark wintery landscape and feature characters carrying out strange, ill-disposed acts on each other.
Working together since 1994, Martin and Muñoz source different figurines or model making elements, cut them up and re-assemble them as victims or criminals at a crime scene. They use plumber’s epoxy to build the base of the scenes, and cover it in a water resistant resin. Then, they fill up the globes with a water and alcohol solution, to create the authenticity of the object.

And I guess now I will wind down my birthday week and start planning the August 2016 festivities.

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