Monday, September 14, 2015

cocksure yipping concern

(Ladies) never slap a man who's chewing tobacco.  Will Rogers

Yup, this is the one I bought, marked down squirrel at Home Goods.  I figure he will get shoved onto the Ironstone/McCoy shelf and give all that crockery a bit of 'animal magnetism'.  

SO there!

We just got back from buying a water bubbler fountain for the front door-  a skinny ceramic jug shape drilled for water to just sort of fall over the edges.  Then we spied another one, same mottled turquoise glaze but even taller-  perfect for the window you see through the whole house where we were thinking either a special tree or a fountain.  Will look very cool seen from the whole house.  Then we went to do a bit of gallery hopping.  We had seen one piece a few months ago by a Russian guy, a realism oil of a acrobat that we both loved but wanted to check another gallery too.  Today we found three paintings we both agreed on, all quite different but abstract expressionist all.  I still love the acrobat but I think TY is waffling for the more colorful abstracts.  Prices are pretty much comparable so that's out for comparing.  They will all bring the works to the house to 'try on' so as soon as we can get a clear look from across the living room we will have them in for the showing.  Vote acrobat if anybody asks or TY sends out a poll to my address book...  Exciting day!

So,tonight I made tiny lamb and pine nut meatballs, and added them to carmelized onions, a splash of broth and some leftover rice.  Will plop on some yogurt and serve with some fried Halooumi.  Yum! 
And another dinner bites the dust.

UPDATE SUNDAY:Woke up at midnight with major attack of vertigo, I've been vertigo-free for years now but I spent the first half of the night hugging porcelain, sick as a dog and unable to lift my head.  Today I am in bed with the dogs on my legs pinning me down in the last rainstorm (makes 'em need me for safety.)  No more throwing up but I cannot move my head because of impending nausea. Last time it took 2 years to get beyond it...  Shit.

A major sculptural installation created for the V&A by artist Barnaby Barford, "The Tower of Babel" is an imposing six metres high tower made of 3,000 bone china shops, each one unique, each depicting a real London shop photographed by the artist. The installation tells an array of stories about our society and economy, and ourselves as consumers. At the bottom the shops are derelict, while at the pinnacle are the crème-de-la-crème of London’s exclusive boutiques and galleries. Barford said, "It's forcing the viewer to confront where they fit into this hierarchy of consumption."

A birthmark becomes a topic of interest here when this guy made a map-like design by simply outlining the birthmark shape-  continents and islands, inlets and deltas all HANDily viewable!


Janet W said...

Oh so sorry about the vertigo. I get that also. Miserable. Can you have someone do that maneuver (can't remember what it's called) to jerk those little crystals out of their destructive hiding places in your inner ear?

Sandy said...

Thanks Janet- I am off to the ENT doc in a few minutes for a little SPIN in his 'special chair'! I'm scared to eat first...

Max said...

Hope it works!