Sunday, September 13, 2015

mu comprehensible urea

Good  judgment comes from experience, 
and a lot of that comes from  bad  judgment . Will Rogers

Re: the Squirrel Thing-  I have no particular affinity to squirrels, basically ignore the critters and don't give a fig about them on the whole.  So this whole Squirrel Thing has me confounded-  what am I DOING???  Who know that there are so may damn squirrel effigies out there?  Not me.  But I have a confession to make:  todayI bought a ceramic squirrel.  He is cute-  all white and over a foot tall. Why, you ask?  I have no friggin' idea.  Sometimes it's best not to question a Squirrel Thing.

It's time for me to exit the living room-  the Patriots are playing and it's kind of a 'thing' that if I watch a game-  ANY game, the team I am watching loses.  So I am off the roster and everybody thinks I care...

Today is vet-day. Taking both critters to get their senior checkups.  My own 'senior checkup' is next week, seems I skipped a year-  back to my usual doctor practices-  skipping a decade, skipping a year here and there.  The good thing is that my only contact was for the damn dog bite I got last year at the dog park, two bites actually. One was on my hand and it was swollen to the size of a catcher's mitt, the other a little scratch on my leg.  Got the shots, got the antibiotics and the hand was fine in two days except for a bit of a bruise.  The leg, however, continued to hurt, wouldn't heal, caused a second doc visit and more heavy-duty antibiotics.  It was SIX MONTHS before it even stopped hurting and waking me up in the night, and now in month eight I have a 3" discolored patch and scar still.  From a tiny scratch!  Thus ending my leg-unveiling for evermore.  So, back to the vets.  

And of course I have nothing to do before the appointment so it's off to the studio so I can sit in my new lucite desk chair!  It's even got lucite legs so I bet it won't be with me for long.  No, I am not gonna put a sheepskin over the seat like every online source shows is the 'style'.  I will instead eat some lamb chops.

So, my little squirrel friends-  today I found some miniature art to enjoy.  Amazing 'stories' from Tanaka, and incredible precision from Ghetti.

Photographer and art director Tatsuya Tanaka has a fascination with all things tiny and has an uncanny ability to repurpose everyday objects as set pieces or tools for the inhabitants of his miniature world. For his project Miniature Calendar, Tanaka has been stretching his imagination to its limits nearly every day for the last four years. A tape dispenser becomes the bar for a restaurant, a circuit board is suddenly a rice paddy field, and the notes of a musical score become the hurdles for a track race. Individually, the photos might invoke a smile or chuckle as you get the joke, but when viewed collectively they morph into a fascinating study on Tanaka’s breadth of creativity.

Now we are going to revisit Dalton Ghetti, another miniature artist I know you will recognize-  he's the guy who carves pencil points like these:
Yup, the WHOLE alphabet carved out of old pencil stubs.
But wait, wait, there's more!

Now, look at these tools carved from pencil lead:

Love these, what perserverance, what amazing details!

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