Tuesday, September 15, 2015

whalen chubby brown

My old 'August' quilt with two squirrels stealing the produce!  There must be 10 old tablecloths in this, layer upon layer of fussy cut fruits, flowers, vegetables, and squirrels!  Looks like this photograph clipped off all the borders and edges.  oops

Spent yesterday in bed all day waiting for someone to bring me FOOD, but it seems like a long time between feeds here.  Guess TY is getting even with for my poor service when he had the shoulder operation.  By last night I thought I was feeling better a bit but tried to get up at 10 and crashed into the wall.  If you've never had a touch of vertigo, it's like the worst seasickness you can imagine.  You feel like you are on a hovercraft with no controls speeding along about 2' off the floor.  When you go to take a step forward you careen off to the left and crash into a wall.  You simply lose all control of your body BUT it keeps moving and slamming into things. 
UPDATE MONDAY: got to the doctor and got a steroid shot and prescription for more for the week.  And also got a referral for an ENT who will put me in a spinning chair tomorrow at 8 AM.  Meanwhile I am feeling somewhat better, good enough to actually make mac and cheese for a bit of comfort!  And I only ate one portion.
Meanwhile I have gotten about 12 calls today from the electrician, the fountain guy, the guy installing mirrors, and the driver bringing all our light fixtures and fans but got lost.  No time for infirmities, dammit.  And more days lost from the studio, dammit.  Also found out October 1 is NOT the move in date, probably later...  meanwhile I have whole family coming for Thanksgiving and I simply have to be in there by then-  gotta start putting that pretty blue stove to use.  Having permitting problems with the town over the wall around our property-  otherwise things are going pretty well.  TY is frustrated and yelling at everybody-  guess that's why he's off service duty to me.  I got dinner at 9 last night-  crackers and cheese and 3 pieces of honeydew melon.  Maybe I'll lose weight.  Fat chance, as we say.

The high point of my evening was getting the mail at 7 PM and finding a big brown envelope, a late birthday present from my last remaining Wellesley friend.  Imagine my excitement after a cruddy day!  And this is what I got, all wrapped in silver box and bright blue tissue paper:  NEW SHOES!!
I think I need a pedicure.  My stomach is so sore from laughing I can't breathe. And I am SO glad I got all those new shoe shelves in the new closet-  these will get center stage, maybe with a light of their own!  Thanks Lisa.  I'll let you wear them when you come to FL---if you ever do again. 
“Feminist Fiber Art is a traveling, DIY, community art exhibit focusing on women artists and the versatile medium of fiber art. It is an inclusive event, intended to empower minorities and encourage equality through the powerful avenue of creative collaboration.

We are happy to announce that we will be featuring the artwork of Tori Marsh at our next exhibit stop! It is opening on September 18 at Industry Lab in Cambridge, MA, and is featuring Tori’s work as well as numerous other talented fiber artists. 
“I use embroidery as a means to drawing. My works utilize the female nude form, transformed - women with animal heads…I use this as a form of empowerment in referencing the animal-like spirit of women.” 

Here are all of Alaina Varrone’s embroideries that we have installed in our Feminist Fiber Art exhibit!

Another component of our opening last Friday was the Uterus Flag Project that we installed in the third stop of our art crawl, The Arts at the Armory, in Somerville, MA. This craftivist endeavor seeks to remind us of the importance of the uterus and our bodies.

 Editorial Note:  Don't shoot the messenger.  Thank yew.

                                                                                                     ~ greatly missing her life

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