Friday, October 23, 2015

befallen eire diffract

You must begin to think of yourself 
as becoming the person you want to be. (David Viscott)

Current product-  a squirrel pillow.  I think it should be filled with sunflower seeds so when you get tired of it you can sprinkle the spoils across the yard for them.  Like those pillows full of hulls that weigh 10#s, ya know???
Sure hope somebody gives me this pillow...  fat chance.

Going crazy around here, phone ringing off the hook and everybody is on red alert and angry or questioning dumb stuff OR presenting us with a bill three times the quote.  Needless to say stress level is out the third floor window IF I had a third floor window.

BUT the place is shaping up.  Today I got the special order of both additional last strips of wallpaper that we ran out of.  UPS had their hand in the till too-  to check tracking and sign before delivery it costs $8 now so I carefully did NOT check tracking numbers but my hero UPS guy showed up in his assigned window and I signed with hm for freebees.  So much for ordering a nuclear reactor online.  

I have to do some touch-up painting and headed over there tonight but was so out of steam I forgot my paintbrush-  too bad, as nobody was there, all was quiet and I could have been done by now.  I'll try again tomorrow morning.  I did manage to scoop up the remnants from the room I put a pattern in that I'm not sure of-  bold black and white Merimekko-like pointy contemporary vines.  I think it will calm down a bit when the furniture arrives but I am gonna make some large WHITE art to shut it up as soon as I can get to the studio.  For the outside room that adjoins that space I will cut out a wreathe shape from all the pointy parts and put it over my desk, maybe put some calligraphy in the center like I bought it.  Looks like framing will be my biggest expense coming up!  

Got the local movers lined up, the Boston movers are also ready to roll, just now waiting for CofO which won't come until our pool is fenced.  Geesh.  Hurry up and wait.  As much as I love this new place I have lost a year now with all the time it has cost me.  I am going to have to work like a crazy woman just to catch where I should be already!  

So, let us talk of more pleasant things other than being old and out of time:

 Matthias Jung creates worlds of surreal architecture that inhabit vast photographed landscapes. The works merge together different elements of photography to create unusual compositions, structures you might vividly remember from a dream. By placing the composite structures in commonplace landscapes the German-based graphic designer preserves their believability, allowing us to momentarily trick our brains into thinking these places actually exist in environments we have not yet explored.

Self-taught embroidery artist Lauren Spark was asked by her mother to create an embroidery of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Over the next month, Spark spent almost 60 hours working on the piece, using the Google Cultural Institute’s website to explore extremely high resolution views of the iconic painting to better mimic the strokes of paint, stitch by stitch (double-click the painting on Google’s site, the level of detail is incredible). The final piece is a surprisingly faithful interpretation, full of motion and color much like the original.

A touch of IRONY:

And the third touch or IRONY-  today I took 20-some pictures of the new house but my computer is full and won't let me at any of them!  I need the Mac genius to get me back in bizniz again, I don't know how to find my 'startup items', let alone which to ditch!  So, sorry, I guess all I can use are pictures already on the desktop for now.  


Max said...

External hard drive for photos?

Margaret Cooter said...

apparently the free program cleanyourmac is good for freeing disk space and speeding up the computer.