Tuesday, October 20, 2015

tiber desert counselor

Here's another squirrel cut from a pillow my mom made in the 70s or 80's.  She was right about never giving me anything made from fabric because she didn't want it cut up.  After she died I set about cutting up all the stuff she had.  I have these squirrels, also Canadian geese, raccoons, and my dad's beloved ducks of all kinds.  They have all worked themselves into quilts here and there but I am hard pressed to find anything but the squirrels.  She had a quilt she wouldn't give me too-  a series of blocks with pink stars and ugly red sashing that was too thick and heavy for the stars.  On top of that it was tied with some hideous pink fuzzy yarn so as soon as I could get it, I took it apart.  There wasn't any batting, just two layers of ugleee.
The 'Before' Quilt, the pink sashing doesn't work, and whoever made it seems to have run out over on the right side anyway.  My mom never told me where she got it.  No connection. Not a keeper.

Swirling Collage

Twirling Collage
Both are on canvas, 24" square.  And these look like pinwheels we used to stick in the ground!  I have very few stars left but they will find their way into something.

Need some Other Ahhht?  Have I got the guy for you:
Meet Joe Black at work :

 And finally, his collages done with porn buttons!  Don't look too close.
Artist Joe Black uses a laborious technique of assembling hand-painted or altered everyday objects which have a imply meaning within the final image they create. Joe Black is rigorous in his commitment to produce excellence and he demonstrates a level of skill that often falls outside the viewers’ understanding of what is possible. - 

And a parting shot with this:
Your Brain In Levis.

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