Saturday, October 10, 2015

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We have to stop telling people what we are going to do, what we have not yet accomplished, and tell them instead what we have accomplished. 
(Miles Patrick Yohnke)

Watermarks and all, here is the Eastern Gray

Amazing, here I am at the STUDIO, second day in a row.  Pepper is with me though he doesn't really like being a studio dog, feels like he is missing something at home where he spends his day on red alert next to TY waiting for him to twitch a muscle that MIGHT mean it's time to do...SOMETHING!  He is always at the ready.  He is lying despondent on the concrete while I wallpaper Uline tubes.

I need the big planter pot, a giant 2' diameter red ceramic thing that I have always kept the long sticks, rolled canvas, and canvas stretchers in. 
 Over the years I have added anything that is rolled, tracing paper in all it's sizes, fabric, leftover wallpaper I might *need* someday.  Well that day was today.  I had a few Uline 10" tubes that have traveled far and wide but are pretty banged up and full of labels and tapes and notes (OPEN THIS SIDE).  I have many more unused tubes so I decided to cut these into usable lengths and cover them to be pretty with all this cork wallpaper I have lying around.  I have used up all my Elmers, and I had a ton of it.  I SHOULD have used wallpaper paste but I was in too much of a hurry.  At any rate, I'm done with that, just have to figure out how to lift the damn red pot-  too heavy! 
The finished product:
Wow, why didn't I do this years ago?  The stuff that's nice and organized and tightly held in these tubes was all over the place before, fanning out and blocking the bathroom door and the passage to the left.  So, one tiny corner of the place is in order-  that is my THING I have accomplished (see quote at the top) I have a way to go, because now I whine about what I am 'going to do' and what I haven't yet completed!:

 We will be getting into the house soon now (fingers crossed) so the half studio full of moving crap will finally be gone and I'll be able to toss out and organize so much of what I have that I won't be using any more.  As you can see from the right side picture, I was rifling through the organza drawers looking for transparent greens.  I had many, but I don't think I have opened that drawer since I moved into the studio!  Time to downsize the 'transparent greens'.  
I really want to do another open studio later in the year so that will be my target, though I know my time will be taken up with the house for a long time yet.

Pepper is back in his Size 5 Toddler teeshirt because he is chewing his arm again.  And just like a size 5 real toddler, not the fur bearing kind, I have a NEED to hug him whenever he's near, the shirt is so cozy and his paws look so cute poking out the sleeves.  Poor guy.

In 2012, Japanese designers Yusuke Imai and Ayami Moteki won the Kokuyo Design Awards for their “Nameless Paints“, an innovative paint set that show the combination of primary colors involved in creating the color inside each tube, rather than giving the color a name. The intention, per the designers, is “to eliminate stereotypes with respect to the color”.
In other words, 'No Pigment Profiling'.
By not assigning names to the colors we want to expand the definition of what a color can be, and the various shades they can create by mixing them. …There is a color called “light blue”. But water coming out of the faucet, not that color. There is a color called “flesh-colored”. But, I am sure the cheeks of a child are more like red.
The duo partnered with the Kokuyo stationery brand “Campus” and over the past three years, have worked on their design to make it available for purchase in October 2015.

Tate St Ives put on an exhibition featuring white walls and a permanent marker. Visitors were invited to stand against the wall and be measured, leaving their mark and ultimately sharing the average height of a museum patron. 

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