Wednesday, October 07, 2015

mechanist crusoe debugger

No matter who you ask, the one word to describe acrylics is 'flexibility.' There are so many ways to use this wonderful medium, and they haven't all been discovered yet. (Rachel Rubin Wolf)

I finally got my act together and went to a 'Salon' last night at the Armory Art Center in West Palm.  I've been wanting to join since I started seeing them organize it but 'things' keep intervening-  other plans, too tired, heavy rains, vertigo, whatever.  But off I went and am so happy I did.  First of all they were having a show including all the artists who have been in the Salons so I went a bit early to check things out.  Then there was the program with featured Armory Art Salon Artist, Kerry Phillips, who creates sculptures and installations using materials, often overlooked, available in a given place at a given time – ranging from things found to collected experiences and retold stories. Some examples of her work:
Everything she could find arranged in little cardboard viewing boxes

The whole yarn collection drawn through a crack in a found table and attached to the floor like an odd sort of loom

She had more 'stuff' than even I do...'stuff' that I throw away!  And you know me...
I was quizzing her a bit too much I think, I was very interested in how one can make any profit from conceptual art, something I admit I have some problems understanding or enjoying, but she was very open about her plans and explained how she was raising funds and writing grants to attain a project in rural Texas.  Compelling project... I am trying hard to 'get it'.
The interesting thing were the people attending-  all professional artists, most of them teaching in colleges around here.  Plus, with the great exhibit of the Salon artists right outside the door, it was a great evening for me, Ms. Isolation!

I met some interesting women too, people I hope to see again and learn more about. So, I am feeling optimistic about getting back to the studio very soon.  

Today I have been putting together my little Ikea shelves that arrived-  going to use them like desk drawers in my new office space, and then wheel them into a closet when somebody is coming.  There's only one small pencil drawer in the desk but I NEEEEEEEED lotsa stuff at my desk so two of these little three shelf units will do very nicely along with the file cabinet waiting for it's assembly.

I have a couple of things that have caught my eye lately-  one is this GLASS suspension bridge in China-  I get the vapors just considering it

Scary, eh?

Also here is a construction of telephones made to look like a gigantic gun- the message eludes me but the construction is interesting.

And finally, pets and their people.  I think there's only one more.

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