Wednesday, October 28, 2015

tampon vought burro

“Hell, there are no rules here; 
we’re trying to accomplish something.” (Thomas Edison)

See what too many acorns do to ya?  Take it easy at the acorn bowl.

Today I spent on etsy getting another handle for a cupboard-  I apparently counted wrong before or one got lost, I don't know, whatever happened I have a cupboard without a handle.  Then I found a little decal for the bathroom door with the man/woman toilet symbols I will stick on the powder room.  Also found a rug online that actually has SILVER on it for the powder room and another one that is woven with silver leather scraps and hemp I think will go in the bathroom.  I still need something spiffy for the kitchen in front of the stove and sink since they are directly across from each other but I'll wait until I stumble on something perfect.  There is a woman who weaves strips of canvas into rugs to order I have seen at different craft shows, probably will run into her again.  Meanwhile I have bigger fish to fry as to what goes where... and when... and how...

Today they finished the driveway pavers and the circle around the fire pit outside and there was a crew inside putting wax on the floors so they sure look better.  Things ARE happening, just at a snail's pace from vantage point.  

Meanwhile the weather here is spectacular, perfect warm breezes all day and then at night it's still in low 70's so warm enough you don't need sweaters or jackets yet.  Great for dog walking in one's nightgown at 1 AM.  Yeah, up again for the poor Molly who is having a brush with incontinence so when she asks to go out, I JUMP!  I must hurry this up today because With all the chaos around here, with all the boxes piled up and junk pulled out of the cupboards, the RE agent called and wants to show the house tomorrow.  AAAURGHHHH.  How does one make a house full of crap look neat and organized?

Not to mention I have been making cranberry sauce and the whole kitchen is sticky.

So, sigh, let's talk about at instead.  What did I do today in that department?  I renewed by Fiber Art Now magazine, does that count for anything?

 The Daguerrotype was the first form of public photography in the Victorian era. From 1839-1860, the process was hailed as the height of technology—at least until better, cheaper solutions arose. It’s no wonder, as the complicated process involved sheets of silver-plated copper treated with chemicals, which made them light sensitive, exposed in a camera and sealed behind glass. (Pretend your old-school polaroid pics were made of silver-plated copper sheets—that’s sort of the idea.)
The process was effective at the time, but the images that remain today are incredibly vulnerable. Chemical bubbles, scratches, and the effects of time can eat away at Daguerrotypes, causing the images to slowly disappear. While it is a tragedy to see images lost to time, the decaying pieces are oddly beautiful in their own right.

While I'm at it, here are two photos of old relatives of mine, unlabeled.  My parents are dead, I have no one to ask, but do you think these are the same guy?  He would be my great-grandfather Martindale but I wasn't sure if they are the same guy or not.  Roguish pose, eh?  

Have to go get primped for a party tonight, looking forward to seeing new people now that they are filtering back after being in their summer dachas!

Thanks for sticking around!

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