Monday, October 26, 2015

thermofax brice fanciful

Love Laura Zindel-  this is the only squirrel picture I've seen her use, but I have many spiders and raspberry plants and will collect more as long as I can!!

My paperhanger left today because he didn't have enough to finish.  I went and ordered more of the paper, 6 more rolls! and it is out of stock in the UK where it hails from, won't be back for a couple of weeks.

So I stopped at the paint store to see if they had my metallic paint join stock-  they didn't but this store offered to order it for me-  to replace the jar of stolen paint.  Ans it will be here perhaps on Tuesday for an additional $56.  The paint has now cost me $112 plus tax just to do two arch ways because the paper doesn't work upside down.  I could strangle SOMEBODY with my bare hands-  everybody on the crew knew where it was and last saw it about the same time I did.  Pfffft.  Now I have more coming that will not leave my bag until I am r edgy to paint with it.

"What the Book" is the brain child of Barbara deWilde. It's a hybrid art exhibit which invites viewers to answer a series of questions by shelving black and red books on one of 7 shelves. As you can see from the photo above, the black books are used to show that the visitor disagrees, and the red show agreement.
The questions asked ranged from "I silently judge others by their bookshelves" to "I would never give an ebook as a gift", and some of the answers surprised me. For example, a significant majority liked the idea of getting picked up in a bookstore, and they also liked the idea of using books to decorate a room. And of course we all secretly judge people by the contents of their bookshelves.
I stopped into the bath hardware store today to touch TP holders and towel bars and found some good contenders, but I had to run to the house and take final measurements before ordering.  Ill call tomorrow and finalize the order.
Next I have to reorder a handle for the bar, seems we were one short.  
I am a bit stressed, not sleeping and not eating right, just grabbing bites here and there.  I have to start taking care of myself or TP holders will send me right over the edge.  Yeah, I am that fragile these days.  
So tonight I will make my final lists of all the stuff I must take care of tomorrow and knock it off one at a time.  Then I will pay all of this stack of bills that keep dropping in my mailbox, and put the delivery dates on the traveling furniture on my calendar to keep track.  I feel better already.  G'nite!

Look carefully, the rose has a visitor!

 A myriad of cut-out patterns invading a newspaper layout. Myriam Dion creates intricate motifs using a scalpel and newspapers she chooses according to their images. This French-Canadian talented student has already been acclaimed for her work. The art pieces she designs are airy reconstructed poems.
Myriam Dion picks front covers from the Herald Tribune, Le Devoir, Cape Cod Times or FT Weekend and selects images which speaks to her. She then creates negative space by hand cutting minuscule patterns. The entire page is cut-out. Generating a halo of waves and starbursts. The ornaments she designs at the edges and around the original shape of the newspaper mimic Arabic patterns and add fantasy to the layout.

Daily Irony

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