Thursday, November 19, 2015

chant revisal began

 “Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”   Joseph Campbell

Squirrel Offerings

Today I got some art hung way up high-  the guy who helped was on the top rung of his 12 foot ladder to hang 12 disks that TY calls the Manhole Covers. 

View from living room looking through dining room-  see disks above.   They look quite wonderful up there, though they are all actually the same color, they shine down at different shades from Sterling to Pewter to flat gray.  Tomorrow the art guy comes with the two paintings we bought a bit ago and he will hang them. Things are coming together.  
View on other direction from dining room out through living room to yard. The yard is completely landscaped except one side that needs a bit more turf. And the pool might not be operable for a bit- no water.  Maybe next week he sez.
The courtyard with my new Traveler's Palm still wearing it's garbage bag.  What it does is to make a giant fan all coming out from one central point.  In a few years it will be spectacular.

Tomorrow the wallpaper guy returns to finish up.  The guy comes to push my stove back into it's cubby now that the gas is working, and I forgot-  somebody else is on their way too.  Still waiting for the CO and can't live there but my boxes are all packed with pantry items ready to install.  Pies ready to make-  you get the drill.  

I am getting so tired of this project-  you know how tired YOU are, make that 10X for me.  Today I left early, 4 PM to come home and take a shower and boy did that feel good!  But I felt guilty and jumped out to start packing boxes again.  Don't know where this stuff will go. 

For his daily project in 2015, artist Cristian Marianciuc decided to make himself a flock of birds. A flock made out of paper, that is.
The origami enthusiast has been making one unique origami crane design every day for 365 days. According to Marianciuc, the cranes serve as a sort of diary for him, each one reflecting his daily experiences through their shapes and colours.
As of writing, he’s on his 308th crane and has already made designs (such as a moustached crane) you’d never think of seeing in origami. Head on over here to keep updated on this amazing project.

 Dutch multidisciplinary designer Jetty van Wezel uses simple origami folding techniques to create beautiful shirts from newspaper pages printed with iconic images from news headlines around the world.  Van Wezel's "Newshirt" art project is a statement against the disposable, throwaway culture of today's media landscape. "A hasty thing like flipping through the pages of a newspaper is transformed into an urgent moment of concentration." she explains, "The viewer is challenged to see the beauty of common things and and to reinterpret everyday images."

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Deanna said...

Congratulations on the new house and finally getting in! Thanks so much for the link to the cranes - amazingly creative to keep coming up with new ones every day. Love them.