Friday, November 20, 2015

cedric convocation reilly

“Everything you can imagine is real.” 

Finally I have some good news-  we got our CO and I spent the day making beds and buying food for Thanksgiving, and sitting on the lanai together drinking RED wine on our new white chairs.  The dogs ran rampant peeing at every blade of grass making the place their own.  My wallpaper guy showed up and finished all three rooms waiting to be done.  The landscape guys were there in finish putting down the last grass, fluffing up the bushes and taking the training wheels off the palm trees. The garage floor have been painted with chunks of mica glittering through and the doors got sprayed a new gray to the scheme, and we have 4 new turquoise  Adirondack chairs for the fire pit.  We're saving the lava rocks for the top of it for the grandkids to add for the marshmallow roast.  (If I don't eat all the marshmallows before they get here.)

All's right with the world.

And I am officially off the whining list.  I texted the kids that Thanksgiving dinner is a 'go', officially.  The pool isn't done but that is scheduled, and of course there are a few extra things that need attention.  Today I discovered my stove has both a griddle and a grill but both need to be seasoned. Tonight I am tossing stuff from my cupboards into a few boxes to take over tomorrow and the movers are coming back to get the bed and couches and all the heavy stuff from TY's office.  Tomorrow I push the broom and try for some semblance of order AND make some pie crust for the refrigerator.  

Home Sweet Home

(the porta-potty has been moved now to the driveway, so attractive- but it WILL be picked up tomorrow. The dumpster behind it I am finding very handy so I hope I have that a few more days because it seems that we are generating unimaginable amounts of cardboard boxes.)

Someday soon I will again:
and we will get back to our regularly scheduled program where I trap all of you into my anxiety over sewing!!  Can't wait.


Sandy said...

Enjoy, sleep well, and still let the kids help with Thanksgiving.

You don't want them back down there the next week to see you in hospital!!!! Yikes.
But really, look after yourself...for more than one day running round the shops.

Unknown said...

Not sure whether this will get to you or not as I really haven't been successful with "comments" previously. I have been following your blog for over a year and even enjoy the "whining". I have loved hearing you share your journey and your art. Congratulations on getting into your new home in time for Thanksgiving.