Sunday, November 22, 2015

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“You are a cosmic happening rooted in a local event, not the other way around,”  Michael Beckwith

Got major things done yesterday and then at the end our gallery guy came bearing our two paintings for the living room.  Yeah, I got them to match the sofas...
It just so happens I am very attracted to simple neutral pallets and that is the living room AND the paintings.  And in reality the sofas are only there until the new one comes and that will throw off the whole match match thing.
We ordered Chinese last night, ate so much and so fast standing at the counter until we realized what we were doing and sat down for the seconds.  We are completely discombobulated in our routines.

Later today we have the first of our Symphony series (could it be WORSE timing???) and that always puts me right to sleep so I will catch up this afternoon on my sleep.  But how I hate that elbow to my ribs when my head falls over...

Up at 2 AM today, doggies all disoriented, well, OK, I am too, first night in the new place.  We have a nice big door that opens to the yard so when the midnight urge to pee hits one of the canine companions, we just have to open the door now-  no more wandering down the street in my nightgown!  So last night at 2 that's what I did-  opened the door.  I forgot we have a child alarm on all the doors that lead to the pool and I practically put a head print on the ceiling when that thing went off!  Got it stopped in just a second by simply pressing the button I should have pressed BEFORE opening the door.  But the night was over and we (me and the dogs) got upland made a bed upstairs, put things away in the kitchen, started some pie crust and got to the point where it was time to add the 1/4 tsp baking powder.
DRAT, that was still at the old house. So I got dressed, brushed my teeth, grabbed a bunch more empty boxes, and was out the door before light.
Decided to get the lampshades I forgot at the studio so I went there first, grabbed the lampshades and the two lamps I forgot I also needed and decided since I was leaving quickly to give the plastic dinos I got for the kids a coat of silver-  just held my breath and sprayed away, then ran for the door.  Not the brightest thing I've ever done but I do love my silver spray paint.  I guess I should grab a few more dinosaurs from the dollar store and do a herd.
Back at the Old House, I am taking advantage of the internet but really must get going on that piecrust so this will be short today-  just trying to stay in the loop-de-loop.

Now, to grab that baking powder and race through the first rain in weeks to get back home to the pastry-making.  Thanks for hanging in there with me-  'normal' is just around the corner...

Here's the answer to that burning question of what on earth Darth Vader does all day:

D. Vader is a photo series by photographer Pawel Kadysz that depicts Darth Vader living an ordinary life and doing things like drinking coffee, doing chores, and listening to music.

And to 'Unknown', the commenter who doesn't know if we get her messages-  YES, thanks so much! I so love hearing from everybody out there!  


:Diane said...

People do read.
The silver spray paint inside? Really? The dogs breath that air, too, yaknow. Did you take them with you when you ran outside?
Tut, tut, tut.

Sandy said...

Okay, you need to post photos of spray painted dinosaurs!

Mary Beth Frezon said...

Just finished listening to The Art of Asking, as an audio book as read by the author Amanda F. Palmer. Many hours and commutes with this wonderful voice telling me over and over again that you need to ask for what you need, bravely and openly AND be willing to accept what others offer you as their gift AND give your gift freely and willingly. See others, be kind, accept the weirdnesses as a reminder of how good it is to be able to trust most of the time...

I recommend it. And I love Austin Kleon for all the same reasons.