Thursday, November 26, 2015

rensselaer e.g massage

Cute little squirrel fanny, eh?

Stull racing around to get ready for kids today, so I needed a few things still back at old house and thought I'd race over to grab them at dawn so I could still get work done here before driving to the airport.  The sun was just coming up, no one on the road, but I was blinded for  split second and reached for the visor.  The ceiling caved in, glass shattered everywhere, and the roof was sheared off of my car on the passenger side.  (The air bag isn't usually turned on on that side because the dogs ride there.)  I had run full tilt into the back of a giant landscape truck whose back corner hit my windshield on the passenger side and ripped on through the car.  Air bags poured out, I hit my head on the steering wheel, and I saw the whole thing just like in the movies where things slow into half time motion and sounds are amplified into that deep roar.  We were the only cars on the road and I absolutely didn't see that black truck against the black background trees with the sun hitting me in the face.  Totaled.  Gone. My beloved Mini.  Of course I am fine-  just shaken up and beginning to ache in several places but nothing serious.  No landscapers were hurt either, and the truck has minimal damage, a bent fuel line they said. 

I could blame it on the stress of the past weeks, I could blame it on being overtired, I could blame it on too many things on the list in my head, but there isn't any blame-  it was nature's way of telling me to back off.

Because you asked for the silver sprayed dinos, here is the picture-
I don't usually spray inside, but I had a box all ready, the silver paint was right there so I took a deep breath and spritzed 3 times, and let out my air as I exited the building.   I wanted a couple of dinos for the kiddos this weekend, but Mister found Squirrel McNuttkin and has been playing house with him since he arrived.  The dins live in my kitchen for now, and I may need more next time I it the dollar store.  Oh.  I need a car for that!

I'm scared he will get pinched by the little snapper but his dad says it's fine.  Best $3 I ever spent-  he races to the pantry to see it first thing, puts it to bed and carries it around.  Very cute...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  I'm so happy you're here!


Mary Beth Frezon said...

First off, "rensselaer e.g massage"... really? I grew up in Rensselaer NY so this cracked me up. If you're from there, it's pronounced WREN-suh-ler. If you're not from there, it shows because you say wren-suh-LEER, like in wren-suh-LEER Polytechnic Institute... LOL Now you know.

Second, I feel compelled to go out and find tiny dinos and turn them silver. Totally stunning.

Third, I think I can honestly say we're all WAY happy that you're here. Keep on keeping on, toots!

Bev Longford said...

So glad you are not hurt. Your toddler story reminded me of my granddaughter at that age who fell in love with the garden gnome, every stroller walk had to include it and it slept with her every night. Of course I had to make her a garden quilt with a gnome.
Sorry I don't comment often I really do enjoy your blog and checking out the art. Bev

Sandy said...

Oh Sandy,
I am so glad it was the car that was totalled and not you! Glad you are enjoying the family.

Sharon said...

So thankful you are okay!