Monday, November 09, 2015

curlicue birgit meander

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” (John Ruskin)

Well, got my 3 hours sleep and then I woke up worrying about where the movers put this or that.  I lost all control of where things were going as they streamed in with box after box piled on their little dollys.  I had the BEST movers ever, three guys who worked their tails off from 9 AM until they left at about 4.  They put all my beds together (well they did get the side rails on backwards but I will work on that today because by doing it the wrong way I SEE there right way!)  They went over the top trying to please me.  

I don't say this about movers usually.  Usually they are sullen and want me out of their way.  But everytime I picked up even a pillow they raced to me and grabbed it and told me they would put it where I wanted!

But I woke up at 2:30 this AM, wired and worrying about where they put a few things and talked myself into it all still being on the truck.  So, as soon as it's daylight I will race over to the new place and check around to get my bearings amongst the boxes.  But for now the crescent moon is still out, I know this because I just dragged the dogs down the street against their desire to sleep undisturbed a while longer.

I am going back over to the house and every box I open I am going to be careful about picking what I keep-  this move has made it way too apparent to me that I have too much.  Jack Karouac said that if you own a rug you own too much.  And I happen to have lots of rugs, therefore time to divest, right?  Yesterday my 'helpers' were trying to get to me by complaining about the number of dishes I have, so today I am dumping a few of those too.  It's OK to have a few empty drawers, isn't it?

Another up-note about this move (since mostly I talk about the down-notes) is that I have my studio back!  All the stuff is moved out and I can start rearranging and putting things back where they belong.  And FINALLY I will be able to use the space as intended.  Like maybe some unencumbered sewing!  But that's all later this week when I can see the floors in the new place again and the boxes are gone.
 Debbie Lyddon
(With thanks to Janet for coming up with the info!)

a contemporary view of the ‘Iron Needlewoman’
by Studio 21 Textile ArtistsThis well-researched exhibition explores all aspects of the sewing machine. Projects range from sewing machine mechanics, decoration and operation to personal and social histories. Each member of Studio 21 has produced a comprehensive body of work that reflects their personal interest in this transformational machine.
There will be a preview of this project at SIT. For full details of the exhibition visit sitselect.orgThe main exhibition will be held at South Hill Park, details:
Date: 27 October – 8 November 2015, Place: The Bracknell Gallery, South Hill Park Arts Centre, Ringmead, Bracknell RG12 7PA  I don't know where this is but I sure wish I were there!

Ya know, I left Buffalo before wings were even invented.  I come from the beef-on-weck and fishfry-on-Friday generation.  They managed to build a rep on the weather alone back then.  Now you can order 'Buffalo style' frittata for brunch here-  just add a squirt of Franks and a side of blue cheese and there ya go.


Janet W said...

That top piece is by Debbie Lyddon. She lives in Britain and that's where the show is. Check out her blog. Wonderful work!

Sandy said...

Hi Sandy,
South Hill Park is nearly across the road from me. well over the park. And I had totally forgotten the date because I have been hurting so much so missed it.
But oh well. I can look at your photos.
Sandy in Bracknell, England, UK