Tuesday, December 01, 2015

summon gillespie storyboard

OK, I'm pulling your leg on the above quote, but it was next in line to post so I did.  Next, a SQUIRREL on a record album:

And I will tell you that I just spent time, time that I COULD be at the studio or picking up, yes, time picking an orange slice out of the butt of my squirrel nutcracker.  Ya see, when you push his tail down, his mouth closes on a nut, should he have one placed in his mouth.  When his tail is UP, there is a hole beneath it that a certain 2 year old thinks needs stuffing with orange sections.  We will henceforth call the metal decidedly un-cuddly red squirrel 'Squirrel Nutkin'.  And yes, I performed colon surgery on him.  And yes I returned Mr. Nutkin to the 2 year old who promptly stuffed it with SWISS CHEESE.  Mr. Nutkin will continue to happily reside with me here where I don't feed that particular end of the critter.  The Feeder, also named Mister, has been transported to the airport for his ride back to a pool-less and chilly Boston.  And there ya go, the Thanksgiving Week of Frivolity has officially ended and so far everyone is still speaking.  The first bunch left yesterday.  Frankly, I am exhausted, and plan to take some time to do NOTHING for a day or two.  My dogs need attention, the dust bunnies who have taken up residence need attention, and the old house is badly in need of attention to get it spiffed up enough to accept lookers again..  And I just don't give a fig.  Maybe tomorrow.

Meanwhile let's look at some pictures, eh?  Did you ever wonder what Darth does between light saber fights?  Here's the answer-

 D. Vader is a photo series by photographer Pawel Kadysz that depicts Darth Vader living an ordinary life and doing things like drinking coffee, doing chores, and listening to music.

OK, if you have sensitive eyeballs, better sign off right now-  I've got some stitching to show you that may make some of your eyes bleed-  I don't want to be responsible so you've had your warning.  Here goes:

 Edginess and individuality have been elevating fine needlework from a quiet hobby to cultural relevance for some time, and we're especially enamored with what Yes Stitch Yes has been stitching onto hoops. The brainchild of Park Slope, Brooklyn resident Lauren Singleton, Yes Stitch Yes offers mantras to empower or to snicker at—sometimes on vintage fabric.

How true.

I'll try to get back to more regular posting now, but my laptop is having some issues I need to get looked at.  If I disappear suddenly I will be back as soon as I can.  Meanwhile, I got my new car, it's a Growler-  the exact color of growler beer bottles, the gallon size.  The official color is Copper Metallic, and I originally thought it looked like root beer but it's not sparkly, it's basically brown, and like the growler beer bottles will keep it's contents-  that would be me- hidden from the light.  Thanks for all your messages.  I am really fine except that both hands hurt, hopefully will get better over a bit more time.  Who knows, maybe it's permanent and I'll be sewing with my teeth and toes.  I'll have to see how it shakes out.  Remember I have that king sized quilt all basted and ready to go!  Any day now...

Oh.  Now it's Christmas.  Shit.   

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Janet W said...

Okay, that is the best line about Christmas I've heard. My sentiments exactly.