Sunday, December 06, 2015

cocky amorous dowager

One must wait until evening to see how splendid 
the day has been. Will Rogers

A Royal Squirrel on a shower curtain!  Thanks Teddy, I don't need any shower curtains these days- I relinquish the Squirrel Shower Curtain to you for your dollhouse!  Just goes to show ya the stuff one can find on the inter-webs.  One day when I am arrested and some police forensics team is going through my hard drive, all they will find is squirrels-  no references to weapons or poisons or how to push someone down a flight of stairs in their wheelchair.  Squirrels.  And you know where that will lead.

Note to self:  Must buy a gun to shoot up the hard drive to rid it of SQUIRRELS.

Well, the house has weathered the family and it took me the week to get things back in order and sand blast the smudges off the windows.  I used the dog urine remover ('Nature's Miracle'-  and it is) to swab the powderroom that the 5 year old sprayed around.  Seemed to work, but I will get the Lysol out next just to really fix it up.  The landscaping is complete as of yesterday and I love the espalier bougainvillea along the wall-  in a season or two it will completely cover it and hopefully get enough sun to be perpetually blooming. 

Meanwhile I am SUCH a lucky woman-  it has poured all week since they left and all I can think about is how fortunate we were to have the good weather while we had a house full of people-  I can't imagine trying to keep them all busy while stuck inside!  

My Apple Tech guy has moved all my pictures of the HD and onto backup storage-  that's fine BUT I cannot find a damn thing and am getting somewhat hysterical because all my quilt folders seem to be amongst the missing.  Not that I'm making anything these days BUT...  

Because all my saved stuff to show you is somewhere else these days I only have a bit to 
show you until my collection builds up again.  If you've seen these before, sorry, but I love the work so much I might be showing you again-  plus I am WAY excited that I can drag and drop into Blogger now:

(this one is my favorite!)

 Ukranian artist Alexey Kondakov continues his ongoing digital collage project “Art History in Contemporary Life” (previously) with these latest additions. Kondakov uses his own photographs of urban Kiev as a backdrop for gods, angels, and other figures from classical paintings which look like they’re joining your daily commute. You can see a few more images scrolling through his Facebook page.

Off I go to round up a few folks to come watch the Patriots this afternoon.  And get some snacks.  I wish I cared more.

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