Friday, December 04, 2015

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Imagination is everything. Imagination is the voice of daring. 

Here is my best squirrel revealing her SANDY suit under her faux fur!  


OK, folks, I think maybe I'm back again.  The family was here for a week and it was fun for all but *I* am exhausted.  Moving into the house on Saturday and having 7 people arrive on Tuesday just isn't humanly possible when you're like me and need everything in place to not feel nuts.  But I did it, We got Thanksgiving on the table on the actual Thanksgiving day-  though I kinda thought any day would be just fine.  TY stepped up to the plate and had a turkey cooked elsewhere which took a load off.  But still, with little kids in residence, chaos reigned.  Both families have very participatory dads and they were real good at getting them out and about.  
Our pool wasn't ready until the very last day they were here -  too bad in some respects but good in others in that I didn't have wet kids streaming in and out the alarmed door.  Our Biggest Flaw is that all doors to the pool have to be alarmed to exit the house and I'm telling you there are about 3 seconds allowed to hit the button, open the door and then close it tightly behind- and these are huge big hurricane glass sliders so every single time someone tried to get through the #$%^&*  door, the alarm sounded.  And no electrician will disarm it-  I got one guy who said he'd walk me through and tell me which wires NOT to disconnect (wink wink) but he got busy up on a ladder worrying garage lights so didn't help.  We cannot open the doors to fresh air so we simply have to get these undone, soonest!

Anyway, we both love being in this place, the dogs are becoming accustomed as long as they have their couches to snooze on and food still magically appear in their bowls.  They hear different dogs walk by so there are all sorts of new things to bark at, not to mention all the workers who show up unannounced.  

I did manage to get my computer looked at and I'm deleting lots of pictures in my (hahahahahahhhhhaaa...ha) spare time.  You should have seen me explaining my squirrel file to the tech guy.  Eyes roll...

Tech guy moved all my pending art to show you so I can't find it anymore.  So, here's something that I found interesting from another time that I DID find-

Cataloging the tools once used for the very same purpose, Augustine Kofie creates collages that utilize file folders, index cards, and steno notepads from the ’50s through ’80s that were found while scouring the contents of Los Angeles estate sales. Kofie chooses to compile vintage materials from before the dawn of the digital age, a time when data took up physical space rather than gigabytes on an external hard drive. After building collages from the papers in various colors and weights, he utilizes ballpoint pen, silkscreen, and acrylic ink to draw shapes and lines over top. These resulting collages have an architectural appearance, built forms with interlocking lines that mimic the precision of a building’s blueprint.The Los Angeles-based artist merges his background in graffiti with interests in illustration and architecture to create work that references all three, focusing on form and line most intently in his compositions. Kofie’s solo exhibition “INVENTORY” will be on display at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York from November 21st through December 19th 2015. 
Today I tackle the smudged up windows, friends coming over tonight and I HOPE they arrive after it's dark and the goo doesn't show as much!  And I thought dog nose prints were annoying.  Silly me.  Glad to be back.

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