Monday, January 18, 2016

abandon gusty biggs

Richard Sennett,in his book ‘The Craftsman’
“ Built into the contractions of the human heart the skilled craftsman has extended rhythm to the hand and the eye.”

I completely forgot to send you along to an artist I admire yesterday!  I was busy telling you how to remove dye pack stains.  Sigh.  Anyway, I hope Bovey Lee's work makes up for my oversight.

Using large thin sheets of Chinese rice paper, artist Bovey Lee meticulously cuts intricate scenes of plants, roads, people, and architecture with an impressive array of cutting implements. The near weightless artworks are mounted against silk before being hung on gallery walls.  Lee most recently had work on view with Grotto Fine Art as part of Art Basel in Hong Kong, as well as an exhibition with Gavlak Gallery for the Armory Show earlier this year. You can see many more pieces from the last few years in her online cut paper gallery

Articulate and informational interview from Colbert.  Listen!

Look closely-  mugs with bitty animals- two of my favorites, manatees and teeny stiff squirrels!

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