Monday, March 28, 2016

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Moleskin?  Nope, Squirrelskin!

Well, A  few good notes from you guys after my absence (abstinence?) have spurred me on.  Yes, back to the squirrels, I have so many to go since you people keep sending them on to me!  OK, officially this is asking you to keep 'em coming!

I had a little INCIDENT last night as I was innocently throwing another can of tomatoes into a caldron of sauce.  I had some cycle shaped light crescents appear in my peripheral vision, lower left side.  When I blinked it seemed like there was a ceiling fan lighting up the crescents with strobes:  flash flash flash.  Each crescent shape was filled with colorful swaths that rippled like water and multiplied as I watched,  Blink blink blink.  I headed for the Visine but that didn't help.  Finally called in Ty for a consultation-  nothing like consulting with a retired Bikram teacher/immigration attorney for one's eye confusions...  he made me take and aspirin.

And it dawned on me that I might be having an eye stroke.  It finally went away after about 30 minutes, nothing hurt, it was just weird and unsettling.  Here's a good picture of what I was seeing, stolen right off the web.
No, sillies, I wasn't watching bicycle races, just a pot o' spaghetti-  but see how the image fractures! 

First thing this morning I called my GP and he called my eye doc who called me in right away.  After a cursory check up and dilating my eyes I got the news that I am fine, I had a ocular migraine!  Who knew...  Not a damn thing you can do about it except drink coffee, which for some reason is perk of all that caffeine.  I happily steered The Growler on to Starbucks very slowly since I couldn't see a damn thing  with my giant black eyes.  I'm fine.  It might come back, it might not come back.  So there ya go-  if it happens to you you will know not to panic.

I got another cool page for my Altered Artists Book collaboration-  another nice one, I wonder how long this keeps up and instead I get a dog.  Looking gift horses in their mouths, I mailed one out today too to a gal in CA.    Today of course was to be an all-day studio day but the best plans, etc.  Here is is late afternoon and all I want it to SEE straight again, damn drops.But fortunately before this happened I found two new artists to show you more work I love.  

Resin rings with teensy dioramas!  The two I love best are the top examples-  a bathing beach fat couple and the cows.   The third one is a small lady blowing bubblegum-  so cool!  If anybody wants me to have them, I'd be happy to accept.    Graphic designer Isabell Kiefhaber of Kirchheim, Germany has created a striking line of translucent rings that encompass amusing scenes uniquely embedded in resin. (translated from German): 
"I love design. I love tinkering. I love working with my hands. I love unique jewelry. From this love the idea was born to “jewels under Teck”. Teck? That is the beautiful castle on the edge of the Swabian Alb, which I can see from my window. The Teck has inspired me already for my first company name: Geschmeide unter Teck. I am a full-time graphic designer and I really enjoy working in both. My jewelry is usually finished primarily resin and some 925 silver, the drag objects definitely an eye catcher. With meticulous attention to detail, the high quality unique items are handmade."

Sydney-based ‘paper engineer’ Benja Harney folds, cuts, and twists his medium of choice to make sculptures of just about anything he can imagine. 
Harney started his art career as a freelance graphic designer, making paper crafts during his spare time. Once his 3D creations became better and bolder, the commissions rolled in. Soon, he was doing projects for fashion house Hermes, as well as a limited edition pop-up book for Kylie Minogue.  Some his other works include replicas of the crown jewels, a life-like basket of groceries, and a series of bug sculptures for Leisure Magazine.

Tonight I was going to have the sauce I made last night however I needed to freeze some and lost my concentration and put it all into ziplocks so I have none for tonight!  Instead I am making a 'sauce' from a pile of pancetta and a couple of garlic cloves and a few slices of onion-  and a shitload of cheese.  That is a culinary term, deal with it.  And that's my program for tonight.  If you're in the area, c'mon over.  Please pick up some bread on your way, I have lots of wine.

In closing, here's another FLA Woman ('lady', it said in the article) who adopted a pet alligator who she has trained, amongst other things, to ride motorbikes.
Rambo the alligator apparently understands sign language, is fully toilet trained, loves to dress up in costumes (because why not) and will happily ride on the back of quad bikes (or at least pose for a photo).  The fifteen-year-old alligator is now six feet long and spends most of his time indoors with his owner’s pet dogs. When Rambo does go outside for adventures he gets dressed up in specially made costumes. As an infant he was carried around in human baby slings and is apparently more comfortable hanging out with people and dogs than fellow reptiles.
As he is now quite a large gator, wildlife authorities are considering moving him to a gator sanctuary where he can have more space to do gatory things. After eleven years of living the domestic life, his owner is understandably concerned he might not be able to adjust.

You may want to embiggen this one.  It's worth it to see his wee little jeans.  He probably wear them backwards to have a space for the tail.   As we say in polite society, "YIKES."


Anonymous said...

My brother has had that type of migraine for years and yup, there's nothing you can do about it but ingest lots of caffeine.

Janet W said...

I didn't know about the caffeine. Since I started regularly drinking coffee 10 years ago, I've only had one. I used to get them weekly. That explains it. Thanks. Oh, and I love the term embiggen. Perfect!

Crystal Nadeau said...

I once made a 4 room doll house with all the items inside made from construction paper! I love this paper artist share. Thank you!