Thursday, March 17, 2016

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St. Patricks Day, Yahoo!  Today we celebrate St Patrick, an ASSYRIAN priest, who drove the snakes out of Ireland.  Don't believe me, look it up.  And that's it for me and religious prothetizing. This isn't accompanied by green beer or excessive corned beef consumption, only the fact that thee aren't snakes there.  And another Yahoo!

One of my friends has an annual girls night out at her house for her immediate 150 BFFs!  Everybody comes wearing' the green and ready to party and she feeds us corned beef and has a DJ-  quite a shindig.  So that's only plan tonight.  TY will hold the fort with the livestock and his big tv and thoughts of Assyrians past.  Or passed.  Depending.

Unfortunately for some, fortunately for ME-  Ole St. Pat didn't apparently have time to do anything about squirrels.  Here's Sneezy, the Pann State squirrel apparently dressed for a trip to Jupiter, the town, not the planet.  Here it is March and the temperature seems to be mid-summer.  Going to be 86 today so take of your fur coats and c'mon down.  I especially like it when guest strip their own beds and leave their linens in the laundry room.  Just a hint.

I moved the living room furniture around again yesterday-  moved the cousile table behind the main couch and lifted the giant wooden crocodile up on top.  It's the first thing you see when you peer in the front door and hopefully it will scare some folks off.  Or maybe you will think, WOW- a some Cool Chickie must live here!  How misinformed some can be.  I am kicking myself for the placement of the floor outlet-  too far away from any furniture to be of any use.  The guy who was laying down the cement needed to know so he could leave a pipe sticking up-  I made an executive decision worrying that the outlet was too close and you;d be covered by a rug.  Didn't happen-  it's out there in a  sea of wood floor, 5' from anything that it can light up and just tempting me to drag a few cords across the floor to trip one and all.  

More work today at the old house-  I'm clearing it out of all the consignment crap furniture and even empty it looks better.  I need to change the bulbs in the outside lights and grab my two nice lamps that aren't the right color for her so I may have to improvise- was thinking of a slipcover for the base...  either that or spray paint it. I'll have to decide because I need some lamps here soon!  

Time for more curled pages-

I'm just about through my art files after today so here's the end of it for now-  lots more to be mined out there on the webs but getting things done on the computer is pretty far down on my list of things to spend time at---

More books curled, dyed, and fanned out!

AJ Fosik is an American self-taught woodworker artist from Detroit, known for his carefully crafted and vividly colored wooden sculptures. Fosik’s feral creations take the shape of fantastic beings that communicate a subversive, anti-religious commentary through the depiction of hyperbolized fictional gods. The artist’s works are influenced by the concept of totems and fetishes.  Using wood and found materials, he creates figurative, eclectic and intricately designed three-dimensional works that intrigue and provoke. Fosik’s animal subjects and anthropomorphized creatures are built using a complex process in which each form is carefully handcrafted by arranging hundreds of pieces of individually cut and varnished wood, which the sculptor paints in vibrant colors and patterns.

OK, off to walk the canine companions and get dressed for my next activity!  Be careful out there tonight!

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Sandy said...

Hi Sandy,
Catching up.
Just for the record...St Patrick was British-lived in 5th century. Captured by Irish Pirates and sold into slavery. after about 6 years he escaped. After being at home went to learn to be a Cleric. Felt God wanted him to go back to Ireland to teach them about God. Not thought to be a good idea, but he did. He had learned enough while there to know to go get the Chieftains' permission in each place first. So did this as he travelled around Ireland.
And thus Ireland celebrates him on what is said to be the date of his death.
Sandy over here keen on British history