Saturday, March 26, 2016

granary miraculous budapest

“It gives me hope that new artists might be able to look at themselves and think about, ‘What are my changes going to be?’ ” (Carlos Alomar)

Joyous Happy Easter

Happily (there's that word again) I have spent three days this week at the studio, and have made some headway in both tidying up and getting a few in-progress projects underway.  I made a rule that every time I am there I must leave with SOMETHING completed and so far have been able to.

Yesterday I came home with a shirt I finished, the day before I had handles reinforced on a knitting bag that just needed some handwork I can do at home. The day before that I finished my MoonWoman collage for the Altered Book project, here:

Not due for a couple of days yet but since nobody checks the blog any more since I've stopped posting every day, the recipient won't know!  She wanted a page for her book that was about women and the moon and something scientific.  I did a noon woman with the moon/face and the earth rising behind her and the moon phases on her hat.  OK, so its not my best attempt but this is try #2 on this subject.  

Yesterday TY had an old friend from high school stop by with his wife since they were visiting Jupiter.  He brought me a beautiful hand turned bowl he made-  love it when a gift is so special!  I made Cuban sandwiches and black bean salad for them and we sat on the lanai watching the sky get black and the rains come down.  The sandwiches were too laden with stuff and as delicious as they were, they were slipping and sliding all over the place.  But enough beer and nobody sent them back.  

Then last night after they left, we were scheduled to go out with 4 couples that won a golf tournament and the prize was a gift certificate to an expensive French restaurant here in town.  The rains were so horrendous, just like it was summer!- that 2 couples got cold feet and didn't want to go out,  not us!  Instead I got HOT FEET from walking the dogs through ankle deep puddles before we could leave.  Ruined a pair of shoes and had to sit in them for a couple of hours, but off we went and ordered like it was out last meal before execution.  I had foie gras, the real stuff, not the little pot of mousse, and then a huge mixing bowl full of the fattest mussels I have ever seen.  And I was a happy camper.  Tonight I am back to cooking again, darn.

And I boiled a half dozen eggs but didn't get any farther than that.  Call the bunny!   


Anonymous said...

I am still here reading what you write. Xxx

Deanna said...

I still check your blog nearly every day, and was beginning to wonder if you were OK. Glad it was just a case of creativity. Love the Moon hat.

Anonymous said...

hate it when you go missing you are my smile for the day

Sharon Buck said...

where is that necklace? LOL... we had that same sofa I am sure... its base color was an olive green... but no rabbit like that!!!!!!

Sharon said...

Happy you're alive and well!