Monday, June 13, 2016

huntington senatorial camouflage

“Composition is the art of controlling the observer.” (Robert Henri

Feeling better here, a few days of lying around has helped.  Squirrel provided by an observant friend!

Basically I've been under house arrest here, but I think the dogs and I are re-bonded.  Today I did laundry and messed about with details I haven't had time to do since we moved in.  Now here's something that wasted two days:
Had to go to Office Depot AND Staples to find the right size labels, then I had to use GooGone to scrub off the old labels, then wash in the dishwasher to remove the GooGone, and then two days of drying before I could dump spices back in.  I dumped the oldest and consolidated the duplicates and, this was such an incredibly boring story...

Then I walked around the yard after being gone 2 weeks and was quite amazed at the changes a few 90 degree days and massive humidity.

And finally today I finally have an ART PART-  makes me feel better since I haven't been actually producing for a what seems like decades!  Maybe tomorrow.

Look very careful at the first picture-  the little melting popsicle is there on the street .

Here we have a yellow line becoming a beach scene as we see it up close.

And the weeds coming through the concrete hold a little swing!

 Blink, and you’ll miss it. Secreted amongst weeds growing in the cracks of sidewalks or hidden in a tiny pile of trash, street artist Slinkachu creates site-specific interventions of miniature people living just under our feet. More than just hiding tiny figurines in public places, each of his artworks are carefully considered, crafted, and installed before the artist takes a photo to document it. While clearly humorous in nature, Slinkachu’s pieces touch on much larger ideas of environment, globalization, and a culture of isolation often found in large cities.

A Molly facsimile!

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