Saturday, June 18, 2016

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“Friends: people who borrow my books and set wet glasses on them.” 
– Edwin Arlington Robinson

To hold your pony tail together. If you have one.

Today was a haircut day, so there went the afternoon and lots of $$$ plus tip.  I don't know if this is one of those alternate 'good ones' or not yet.  I didn't get to the studio because I had a metting then had to stop at While Foods to spend all my leftover money from the haircut.  I can't make up my mind what appetizer to take to the wine party so bought 2 melons and procuitto per my hairdresser idea.  Then I bought some lamb to make tiny meatballs.  Then I grabbed some blue cheese to make little cheese crackers.  And a ton of veggies to pickle. What is wrong with me?  Basically that is my menu for the week now, and I still don't know what to take to the party!  
I did get a baby sweater cast on my needles, don't know if I like the yarn yet, but I'll work on it tonight between COOKING PROJECTS and make up my mind when I'm looking at a couple of knit up inches.  

Forgot to take the phone to the studio today so I have nothing to show you BUT I managed to get the whole tower to 24", over 1/3 of the way to being done!  I do have to admit I cheated bit with the Crop Circles quilt-  the darn thing, even when I removed most of  it's stuffing, was much thicker than other quiltsI've cut up.  But its not cheating to REMOVE stuffings, only a cheat to stick in where there wasn't any, right?  I think so.  I'm getting a bit tight on quilts to cut up-  I had planned on holding a few back for a show we are working on so I'll have to get into the rolls of newer pieces sooner than I thought.  And of course I can always use up some I have made as bed quilts too, just thought I might hold on to a few 'just in case'.  But hell, I can use the duvets which I like better anyway.  ONWARD!

And of course with a side visit to some ART PARTS:

You surely recognize these pieces of Cas Holmes!  In an interview speaking of her work, she says  ‘I continue to develop my techniques, drawing and use of colour remain the foundation for all my work. The fragments of found materials are painted and dyed, layered and stitched. The process marks the passing of time, the rituals of making (drawing, cutting, gathering materials, machining, sewing) acting as part of the narrative of the work. I work reflectively with materials so nothing I make is “designed”. Pieces rather evolve and change until the last stitch, paint or mark is made.’

OK, tomorrow I have some progress pictures, I will clean up around here because I am living like a hermit, I will do some checking for more artists to share, I will fix my knitting and start again but it's only the third time-  I tend to make the third try work.  Am listening to 'The Woman on the Train', a wonderful thing to do while knitting -  I tend to get things quite in a mess when I'm watching videos while knitting- something about not being able to count and pay attention to a story too.     So from now on it's either audiobooks or podcasts while knitting.  NPR when cooking, driving, or working in the studio, and a bit o' Netflix when I need to rest my hands.  
*And my hands are a whole new subject for another time. * Or now.  I've always been super protective of my eyes and hands and I think the hands are fading quickly.  For all of you that I have threatened to punch in the heart, you're safe-  I can't make a fist any more.  If I continue at the rate I will have to take up running and that will most certainly effect my plan to start smoking again when I turn 80.  Fortunately I have a few years to make up my mind, plus I still have all my working ortho parts so I won't clank when I run.  I might suggest you send good thoughts along that I can continue my sedentary pursuits for a bit longer-  spandex is not user friendly.

And now I go.

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