Wednesday, June 15, 2016

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“The thought of today cannot be expressed in the language of yesterday.” (Lawren Harris)

Well the quote sure fits today, enough so that the Squirrel will appear a bit later.  First I will show you the Autobiography project as of today.  Basically, to catch you up,  I am cutting up all the old quilts I've made up to just the recent ones.  I have never kept count, but will count them when I get done.  I am cutting each into 24" squares, taking an 8" circle of of the center and stacking them on a Sono tube.  So far I am almost 1/3rd of the way up, 2 more inches to go.  Many of the smaller pieces aren't being cut even though they may be expressed in the language of yesterday.
Today I cut up a very 3-D piece having to do with Crop Circles-  I could barely get the scissors through it because it was stuffed with about 3" of batting to  represent the upper part of the fields.  It took all afternoon to cut through and then pull out stuffing to make it flatter.  Here is is before it's massacre:

It made 4 pieces, two of then a bit short so when I join the short pieces I'll end up with three for the project.  When I finish I use the off-cuts for adding onto other pieces to get to size-  some of my squares will be made from 2 or 3 remnants.  When completed I will put a 'key' on the back of the center circles containing the quilt image, the stats, and the story of what influenced it.  That itself will be a project!  
So, there ya go, to date.

Oops, now back to the SOD (Squirrel of the Day), our regular format!
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Now for the ART PART, you can stop holding your breath.These guys will do it for you!

They are removing a huge Frank Stella painting to restretch it.


And re-hang it, nice and tight!

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