Tuesday, June 14, 2016

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“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” – C.S. Lewis

Another friend's contribution to the Squirrel Annals.
Bless Her Heart!

Yesterday was a checkup at the vet opthomologist and Molly can still see!  There were two other white fluffy dogs in the waiting room, both had had the same operation but one had a tumor and had to have one eye removed, the other hd some other problems and was losing sight.  One of these dogs-  the one with the slowly diminishing sight had a mastectomy-  That's right, who knew dogs get breast cancer?  Not me.  But the thing is that a dog has EIGHT and she had to have all of them removed.  Poor critter.  

Of course my appointment for the day is for a mammogram.  Sigh.

At two minutes to midnight last night I ordered a 'dining room' (loosely described) table for the Boston condo.  It has to be between 36 and 42", I want wood, and I want round.  It will never have to seat more then 2.  But the thing is that TY liked a very contemporary style, the mid-century tulip table, an icon to be sure, and white resin.  I liked a more transitional style so of course I drove myself crazy clicking around looking for affordable.  Read that as cheap.

Finally arrived at this one which is sorta like the tulip shape but it's wood with an iron base-  more to my taste then resin for this tiny condo.  I got the order in right before the free shipping day concluded and that helped.  Exciting, no?  OK, so it's not, but it will work in the space.  I bought 4 rattan chairs in almost-black so I can use them on the laughable 'balcony' and also at this table.  Mail order furniture, who would have predicted...  And who would have predicted at my advanced age and cranky disposition that I'd be buying more furniture!  Anyway, it is,in spite of 'shipping' claiming there is no such address.  

After the exciting morning getting the mammogram I am FINALLY getting to the studio to cut up more quilts.  Now that I've had some distance from the project I hope I find it as satisfying as I did when I started!  Always a scare when you're on a roll to be pulled away and have to revisit the mindset before you left.  I really really want this done asap.  I don't have hopes of display basically because I cannot move the bloody thing unless I take it completely apart and rebuild.  But I want it done as a final  project.  If I sell the studio, the dumpster is right at the front door, very convenient for dumping old work.  I just want stuff cleared out before I NEED to clear it out.  Trying my best to not hold onto scrappy pieces any more, to use the Good Stuff, even if it's to make these quick tee shirt blouses.  Better than just tossing unused, right?

And finally, before I go do some actual work, our ART PART for the day, and, lucky us, today I have two shiny things to show!

This series of sculptures by France-based sculptor Mélanie Bourget have characteristics so realistic, it's difficult to believe they are made from ceramic.
Focused solely on the human being, Bourget creates figurative sculptures "in a contemporary, yet a little offbeat style, oscillating between realism and fantasy." She subjects them to the raku technique, which originates in Japan.  

Russian patissier Olga Noskova recently got the entire internet craving for dessert after photos of her cakes went viral. Her “mirror marble cakes,” as you might notice, have a pristine sheen to them. It’s as if you’re looking at a glass sculpture.

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