Friday, July 15, 2016

animosity calm hypocycloid

“Art and joy go together, with bold openness, and high head, and ready hand – fearing naught and dreading no exposure.” (James Abbot McNeill Whistler, 1834-1903)

What a boring drawing.

And actually, what a boring life I have going right now!  I picked up the canine companions only to find Pepper was so stressed out having his nails clipped that he peed on the groomer.  And that dog is more like a camel-  don't know what she might have done to him, but first of all I KNOW he doesn't like to be held or especially picked up.  Left hr a big tip and now I have to find an alternate toenail clipping place.  Rats.

Basically I just hung with the dogs all day and evening.  They mostly slept which is normal after a 'resort' stay, but certainly they wouldn't allow me to be 20 minutes late with their dinner.  I sweat they are wearing watches under all that fluff.  One good thing is they must have had to rely on each other more because they are interacting and playing nicely together.  AND Pepper is barking at her to play or chase him or something.  Very funny because he simply doesn't bark-  he must have learned that trick too but he sounds like he must be a mastiff or a Swiss Mountain Dog and not a 30# puffy guy.

I finished the little baby jacket and went off to the yarn shop to see if I could find sexless buttons for it, I found some perfect tiny purple ones but got nervous at the size, settled on some larger wooden ovals that at least one could see to button! Tonight I will sew up the seams and finish the i-cord around the front, neck, and bottom.  And tomorrow I start some fabulous rayon hand dyed to make a top for me-  tiny yarn, so it will keep me busy for months.
I ended up not going to the studio this afternoon, felt too guilty over leaving the doggies for too long, but tomorrow I will go back to the rotary cutter and hacking away at the piles!  

I did get some good news the other day-  apparently my '2x20' quilts are in an article in the August/Sept issue of 'Quilting Arts' so I hopped online to get a digital copy.  Wouldn't you know that as soon as I downloaded it the UPS guy rang my bell and he had a real copy from the publisher for me-  Nice!  The article is really interesting as far as working in a series goes plus there is a long list of things that can make a series on the last page so, if that's an interest for you, go grab a copy. 

On my way to go stick my suitcase in the closet and then put the rest of the stuff away.  TY is still in Boston playing golf in a tournament, but yesterday he managed to corral a bunch of 'college hunks' to come move the crap in it's entirety out of my bedroom up there.  All I kept was one recliner, one mirror, and a rug I couldn't part with-  Don't quite know what I will do with it but I remember how much we paid for it and just cannot see it go to trash.  The 'guys' donate, or sell, or whatever anything useful and that's fine-  all I cared about is that it was put to good use. 

And today has an ART PART, more playing with our food!

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Max said...

Dog chat . . . I don't let them clip Luke's claws . . . they grind them with a low speed dremel . . .