Tuesday, July 12, 2016

doris brian elmsford

“A work of art is a collection of signs invented during execution to suit the needs of their position.” (Henri Matisse)

Some times you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't.

Still up North hauling stuff, throwing stuff out, and jamming stuff into crevices.  I do have a storage area, about 6' x 4', kind of a cage to hold EXTRA stuff.  I stuck my bag of wrapping paper in, and an empty suitcase.  Will go through the place in the morning to see what else can be out of sight down the hall.  I did get out for a bit and bought a bedspread and pillow shams for my bed, now all I need now is a rug I can put my feet on without going EEewwwww and some curtains or something to hide the really dirty blinds.  
I went through the junk room and marked the two chairs I am keeping with bright yellow tape because Ty has finally found couple of college kids to get it all out of here.When that happens I get a whole new room added on, sorta.  Also I replaced the bulbs in the bathroom fixtures and WHAMMO, I have light again, worth tossing the old 40w bulbs and taking the leap to 60's.  Of course they are on the way to being obsolete, had to go to three stores to find 6 bulbs so I will be careful to turn them off when I leave the room.  A leas I don't immediately need new fixtures.

Get to fly home tomorrow, can't wait to see the fur family because they will be all clean and fluffy and very tired!  Just the way I like them best.  I don't think I will have to come back until the end of August but it depends on when we get the construction going on the kitchen.

And today has an ART PART- this is so amazing

Maskull Lasserre's 'Pieta' reimagined in bronze and being carried by a forklift.  This guy is amazing-  go right now to the website link and be prepared to close your open mouth!

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