Saturday, July 16, 2016

enumerable beplaster chafe

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” – Linda Grayson

Taking a break from taxidermy today.

Yeah, I REALLY got to the studio today! I was bummed out because I have been pushing through on my tower project for a show in the next town here.  So yesterday I got out the prospectus and they don't have provisions for free standing sculpture!  So I called the queen-in-charge to verify it and nope, ONLY wall art.  Shoot me in the foot.
But it forced me back to the studio to re-think and see if I can get something in.  A rarity to be able to exhibit close by here in the sawgrass weeds, so I am MULLING over an idea.

While mulling I need to move the freakin tower to a place I can leave it undisturbed as it grows and I can get decent pictures someday.  This system isn't working:

 So I disassembled and piled the leaves willy nilly and think I have about 300 stacked up now, I lost count at 100 and that was about 1/3rd through. 

I pinned up brown paper to the design wall and extending out on the floor so it will at least be less jumbled with the whole studio as backdrop.  That's 10' of brown paper x 3.  

And then I moved one of the 4x8' worktables at a 90 degree angle to see if that makes working and access easier. 

 That meant moving my sewing table too so it's all upside down now and I'll be bumping into stuff for awhile until I get used to it.  I sm contemplating keeping these pieces I've slapped up on one of the design walls so I can 'study' which ones are most obviously autobiographical.  I've already cut up three so far because I found out that ALL my stuff is autobiographical.  So, now I don't need this bloody thing until 2018 probably.  Guess I better figure out where to put it for the duration.

And I finished the new baby's sweater, was thinking of a hat too but I ran out of one of the yarns that is crucial so I will finish up the half-done blankie while I decide what to do about that.  This is that classic Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket that's knit as a lumpy wavy rectangle until you fold it once and it suddenly becomes a jacket.  I found some wooden oval buttons in the knit shop the other day so I'm hoping it will work for either a girl baby or a boy baby since they won't TELL me...  And a cute one if I do say so.  I've been up to 1 AM every night knitting like crazy and watching Scandal, but now I'm finished with that series and need to find another one that I don't have to actually see with my eyes.

Note:  I started 'Shameless' last night- it's a bit chaotic BUT it has William Macy as the drunk father of six or seven kids.  And I was laughing out loud at the situations.  Plus it doesn't have seven seasons so I won't get bored.

And today has an ART PART

Ninja Turtle boots!  Love the expressions!
The turtles have moved out of the sewers and into your wardrobe, with Dr Martens and Nickelodeon releasing a collection of boots inspired by the beloved ‘80s TV series.

                                                                                                              back in the groove!

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