Monday, July 25, 2016

extenuate emergent juggle

“Any ground subtracts its own hue from the colors which it carries and therefore influences.” (Josef Albers)

A squirrel field guide!

Hearts and Gizzards:  This one was hard to cut but remember I showed it to you few months back when the back was eaten away and a bushel of tiny acorns hidden in the fiberfill?  Well, I just cut right through all the Christmas tree lights, knocked off a couple of 3-D items and sacrificed a large leftover chunk with lots of writing about quilts. It took much room on the pole, and I still have a few to add when I can put other things in between.  And the pole is looking good now that we're up to 41"!

(It really doesn't lean like this, I was just at an odd angle trying to exit the building and tae a photo too quickly!)

And today has an ART PART~ fake footprints!

Outliers is an ongoing project by artist Maskull Lasserre (previously here and here) where shoes are outfitted with specially carved rubber soles meant to mimic the footprints of moose, Kodiak bears, deer, rabbits and other animals. The shoes are then worn in the snow leaving the impression to unsuspecting passersby that wildlife has wandered into urban areas including Montreal, Ottawa, Boston, and New York. 

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