Wednesday, July 27, 2016

palace dignity crouch

“One good reason to only maintain a small circle of friends is that three out of four murders are committed by people who know the victim.” – George Carlin

Well, damn.  I don't remember what product these squirrels were advertising. Maybe hand towels? Maybe tea bags?  Maybe sympathy cards?  Oh well.

I got all ready to go to my stitch group today and packed my two finished projects to show my pals, and the third one I had recently started- a teensy baby hat using more leftover yarns.  I hadn't gotten too far so I took all the different yarns to include.  And away I went to meet them at 10.  It was only minutes before I discovered I had lost one of the needles and couldn't do a thing!  Sigh.  When I got home I scoured the house looking but never found it-  my favorite #6 too.  

This afternoon I had a hair appointment and barely had time between lunch and the ride south so couldn't get to the studio to search.  Three hours later here I am back home with barely enough time to polish up my act and get out of here for dinner.  I am almost a Lady-Who-Lunches door all these silly things, but I count it all up as Human Contact, of which I get very little- mostly by choice.  My constitution thrives on solitude it seems so I force myself out once a week.

Today I got notice of the Armory Art Center's upcoming classes for the fall and there are several things I really want to do.  They have a new thing now with one or two day classes so I will do some of those, and also a drop-in class where you pay for the class you attend-  one is figure drawing which I want to take again to get back into it and the drop in class is so much better than 8 weeks of classes.  There is also a book class from the guy who runs the program down in Boca at FAU.  And a painting class that sounds great.  AND a bus trip to Miami for Art Basel when it comes in early December.  So I have to winnow down my choices and get some money in asap to hold my place.

Also today, sitting in the chair at the hair place, I made a list of calls for Entry coming up-  don't think I'll make any deadlines by the end of July but there are several I just may try for after that.  

But First, I have an ART PART for you!

I’ve long marveled at artist Maskull Lasserre's ability to carve anatomical details into everyday objects. One of his recent sculptures, titled Improbable Worlds, is no exception. For this piece the Canadian artist split an old upright piano in two, slicing through every last component leaving only a single point of connection: a tiny wishbone carved from the wooden piano back. The visual tension created by the piece is astounding, let alone the head-scratching question of how he technically accomplished it, knowing that if the weight of the piano shifted just slightly the piece would snap in half.

                                          Wow.  Just Wow.

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